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Exercise 1
1. Al's doctor insists______ for a few days
a. that he is resting b. his resting c. him to rest d. that he rest
2. I don't like iced tea, and ______
a. she doesn't too b. either doesn't she
c. neither does she d. she doesn't neither
3. We wish that you_______ such a lot of work, because we know that you would have
enjoyed the party.
a. hadn't had b. hadn't c. didn't have had d. hadn't have
4. Since your roommate is visiting her family this weekend, _______ you like to have
dinner with us tonight.
a. will b. won't c. do d. wouldn't
5. Please______ photocopies of documents.
a. not to submit b. do not submit c. no submit d. not submit
6. I __________ bacon and eggs every morning.
a. am used to eat b. used to eating c. am used to eating d. use to eat
7. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them________ every night
this week.
a. practice b. practiced c. to practice d. the practice
8. Would you mind _________ please?
a. to answer the telephone b. answering the telephone
c. answer the telephone d. to the telephone answering
9. You ________ your seats today if you want to go to the game.
a. had better to reserve b. had to better reserve
c. had better reserve d. had to reserve better
10. If it___________ so late we could have coffee.
a. wasn't b. isn't c. weren't d. not be
11. Your sister used to visit you quite often________?
a. didn't she b. doesn't she c. wouldn't she d. hadn't she
12. If Bod _______ with us, he would have had a good time.
a. would come b. would have come
c. had come d. came
13. Frankly, I'd rather you________ anything about if for the time being.
a. do b. didn't do c. don't d. didn't
14. Since they aren't answering their telephone, they_________
a. must have left b. need have left c. should have left d. can have left
15. We were hurrying because we thought that the bell_________
a. had already rang b. has already rang
c. had already rung d. have already ringing
16. The breakes need _________
a. adjusted b. to adjust c. to adjustment d. adjusting
17. I wish that we_____ with my brother when he flies to England next week.
a. could go b. will go c. had gone d. are going
18. I am sure Miss Smith_______ use the new equipment.
a. knows to b. knows the c. knows how to d. knows how
19. Mary and John ________ to the parties at the Student Union every Friday.
a. used to go b. use to go c. are used to go d. were used to go
20. You ___________ me, because I didn't say that.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
a. must misunderstand b. must be misunderstanding
c. must have misunderstood d. had to misunderstand
Exercise 2
1. I hadn't expected James to apologize but I had hoped_____
a. him calling me b. that he would call me
c. him to call me d. that he call me
2. My husband lived at home before we were married, and so______
a. did I b. had I c. I had d. I did
3. Does your new secretary _________ shorthand?
a. know to take b. know how to take
c. know how take d. know how taking
4. Tommy had his big brother _________ his shoes for him.
a. to tie b. tie c. tied d. tying
5. I wish that he weather_______ not so warm.
a. was b. be c. were d. is
6. His English teacher recommends that he_______ a regular degree program.
a. begin b. begins c. will begin d. is beginning
7. Let's go out for dinner, _________?
a. will we b. don't we c. shall we d. are were
8. I'd __________ the operation unless it is absolutely necessary.
a. rather not have b. not rather had c. rather not to have d. rather not having
9. Would you please____________ write on the test books?
a. don't b. not to c. not d. to not
10. The old man asked her to move because he__________ in that chair.
a. used to sit b. was used to sit c. used to sitting d. was used to sitting
11. After the way she treated you, if I _______ in your place, I wouldn't return the call.
a. be b. am c. was d. were
12. If I ________ the flu I would have gone with you.
a. hadn't b. hadn't had c. didn't have d. wouldn't have had
13. He's taken his medicine, _______?
a. hasn't he b. didn't he c. doesn't he d. isn't he
14. Your mother and I are looking forward_______ you.
a. of seeing b. for seeing c. to see d. to seeing
15. It is imperative that you ________ there in person.
a. be b. will be c. will d. are
16. _________ you rather sit by the window?
a. Don't b. Will c. Wouldn't d. Won't
17. His government insisted that he________ until he finished hi degree.
a. should stay b. shall stay c. stayed d. stay
18. After he had researched and ________ his paper, he found some additional material
that he should have included.
a. wrote b. written c. writing d. have written
19. The man who was driving the truck would not admit that he had been at fault,
a. neither the other driver b. neither would the other driver
c. neither had the other driver d. the other driver neither
20. If it__________ rain, we'll have the party outside.
a. wouldn't b. doesn't c. didn't d. won't
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Exercise 1
Exercise 2
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