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English Grammar Exercise: Conjunctions

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Exercise 1

1. She's not only beautiful_________ intelligent.

a. but also b. but c. however d. yet

2. I was very tired, ________ I determined to walk on to the next village.

a. therefore b. however c. and d. or

3. You can come here either on Monday__________ on Friday.

a. or b. nor c. both d. and

4. He had to act immediately; ________ he would have been too late.

a. consequently b. nevertheless c. still d. otherwise

5. They said both he_________ I were to come.

a. and b. but c. or d. so

6. The weather in Dalat is neither too hot in summer________ too cold in winter.

a. or b. nor c. or else d. otherwise

7. Jane is beautiful and intelligent________

a. too b. so c. both d. moreover

8. Jane is beautiful and intelligent; ________ she's very kind.

a. moreover b. however c. for all that d. on the other hand

9. He never works_______ he gains all the prizes.

a. furthermore b. whereas c. but d. accordingly

10. The sun is shining and there are very few clouds; _______, I am sure it is going to rain.

a. what's more b. hence c. thus d. nevertheless

11. Bill is in class 12, _______ John, who is a year older, is only in class 4.

a. and b. whereas c. either d. nevertheless

12. You must leave at once, ________ you miss the train.

a. however b. yet c. still d. otherwise

13. You need to get some job retraining. _______ it, you risk being laid off.

a. If so b. If not c. With d. Without

14. Could I have rice_______ potatoes, please?

a. but b. but also c. instead d. instead of

15. _______His denial, we knew that he was guilty.

a. Despite b. In spite c. Because d. And

16. John's family is very happy_______his being a warded a scholarship.

a. because of b. if c. either d. nor

17. Graphite is a soft, slippery solid that is a good conductor of_______ hear and electricity.

a. not just b. and c. both d. moreover

18. The lecture was _______ interesting and instructive.

a. as b. either c. neither d. both

19. Both Mary and Allen_______Jean are going on the tour.

a. as well b. as well as c. nor d. but

20. He likes travel, and_______ does she.

a. too b. such c. so d. but

Exercise 2

1. I'm worried about it, and he is_______

a. too b. also c. but also d. a or b

2. He borrowed money_______ he could finish his education.

a. that b. so that c. such as d. too

3. The temperature drops_______ the sun sets.

a. while b. for c. because d. when

4. Some birds cannot fly well, _______, the chicken has wings, but its flying muscles are not strong enough to be useful.

a. for example b. for instance c. such as d. a or b

5. The missing piece is small, _______ nevertheless important.

a. or b. but c. and d. so

6. I'm very homesick_______ a student a broad.

a. as b. while c. because of d. due to

7. Just_______ he died, my friend who wrote poetry published his first book.

a. but b. either c. and d. before

8. Blindfish, which spend their whole lives in caves, have _______ eyes nor body pigments.

a. not any b. either c. nor d. without

9. _______their small size, the cameras take good pictures.

a. In spite of b. Despite of c. Because d. And

10. She could not decide_______ to drive_______ to jump into water.

a. both/ or b. not only/ but also

c. either/ or d. whether/ or

11. Flying is not only faster, _______ safer than traveling by car.

a. also b. so c. and d. but also

12. Beth can play the guitar_______ the violin.

a. also b. so c. but also d. and

13. _______his physical handicap, he has become a successful businessman.

a. Although b. In spite of c. Despite d. b or c

14. I like bananas, _______ my brother doesn’t

a. because b. and c. but d. even though

15. Glucose does not have to be digested, _______ it can be put directly into the bloodstream.

a. so b. while c. and since d. such

16. _______few species that live on the ground, most monkeys live in tress.

a. There are b. A c. All but d. Except for

17. She closed the door_______ left for the city.

a. and b. but c. or d. therefore

18. The mail comes at ten o'clock every day_______ Sunday.

a. except b. although c. or d. and

19. We need wither a nail_______ a screw to hang this picture.

a. and b. or c. both d. but

20. You had better come yourself_______ send a friend.

a. either b. neither c. or else d. while

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Exercise 1





















Exercise 2





















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