200 câu bài tập trọng âm có đáp án

200 câu bài tập trọng âm tiếng Anh có đáp án

VnDoc.com xin giới thiệu đến quý thầy cô và các bạn 200 câu bài tập về trọng âm có đáp án do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải là tài liệu hữu ích cho quý thầy cô và các bạn trong giảng dạy cũng như học tập, ôn luyện. Sau đây mời quý thầy cô và các bạn vào tham khảo.

Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others:

1. a. generous b. suspicious c. constancy d. sympathy

2. a. acquaintance b. unselfish c. attraction d. humorous

3. a. loyalty b. success c. incapable d. sincere

4. a. carefully b. correctly c. seriously d. personally

5. a. excited b. interested c. confident d. memorable

6. a. organise b. decorate c. divorce d. promise

7. a. refreshment b. horrible c. exciting d. intention

8. a. knowledge b. maximum c. athletics d. marathon

9. a. difficult b. relevant c. volunteer d. interesting

10. a. confidence b. supportive c. solution d. obedient

11. a. whenever b. mischievous c. hospital d. separate

12. a. introduce b. delegate c. marvelous d. currency

13. a. develop b. conduction c. partnership d. majority

14. a. counterpart b. measurement c. romantic d attractive

15. a. government b. technical c. parallel d. understand

16. a. Pyramid b. Egyptian c. belongs d. century

17. a. construction b. suggestion c. accurate d. hi-jacket

18. a. dedicate b. impressive c. reminder d. descendant

19. a. remember b. company c. technical d. interview

20. a. electric b. computer c. fascinate d. fantastic

21. a. domestic b. investment c. substantial d. undergo

22. a. confident b. influence c. computer d. remember

23. a. optimist b. powerful c. terrorist d. contrary

24. a. government b. destruction c. contribute d. depression

25. a. institute b. consumption c. specific d. encounter

26. a. tableland b. apparent c. atmosphere d. applicant

27. a. vulnerable b. satelite c. eleven d. element

28. a. arrival b. technical c. proposal d. approval

29. a. empire b. employer c. conductor d. transitor

30. a. celebrate b. fascinating c. survive d. elephant

31. a. habitat b. generate c. canoe d. penalty

32. a. expression b. decisive c. dependent d. independence

33. a. decision b. reference c. refusal d. important

34. a. cooperate b. permanent c. recognise d. industry

35. a. attractive b. sociable c. dynamic d. conservative

36. a. entertain b. enjoyable c. anniversary d. introduce

37. a. approval b. attractive c. sacrifice d. romantic

38. a. conical b. ancestor c. ceremony d. traditional

39. a. romantic b. following c. sumary d. physical

40. a. maintenance b. appearace c. develop d. different

41. a. contactual b. significant c. Asia d. demanding

42. a. appearance b. measurement c. counterpart d. cultural

43. a. majority b. minority c. partnership d. enjoyable

44. a. marvelous b. argument c. apoplectic d. maximum

45. a. departure b. separate c. neccessary d. wrongdoing

46. a. attention b. approriate c. terrible d. non-verbal

47. according b. informality c. expensive d. acceptable

48. a. assistance b. consider c. politely d. compliment

49. a. mischievous b. family c. supportive d. suitable

50. a. memory b. typical c. reward d. marketing

51. a. stimulate b. generate c. secure d. estimate

52. a. politic b. historic c. electric d. specific

53. a. reference b. accident c. coincide d. formulate

54. a. deposit b. dramatist c. register d. community

55. a. earthquake b. transaction c. applicant d. patriot

56. a. degree b. virtually c. assembly d. synthetic

57. a. coincide b. community c. conception d. committee

58. a. envelop b. astronaut c. tuberculosis d. poverty

59. a. altitude b. recover c. comedy d. library

60. a. demonstrate b. beatify c successful d. comfortable

61. a. aacountant b. discover c. meessenger d. unlucky

62. a. marathon b. advertise c. industry d. conclusion

63. a. subsequent b. undergo c. government d. enterprise

64. a. chaotic b. proposal c. occupy d. production

65. a. piano b. policeman c. museum d. souvenir

66. a. guarantee b. recommend c. represent d. illustrate

67. a. agency b. memory c. encounter d. influence

68. a. well-being b. reality c. Internet d. demanding

69. a. encourage b. determine c. emphasize d. maintenance

70. a. understand b. grandparents c. family d. wonderful

71. a. essential b. furniture c. opposite d. fortunate

72. a. crocodile b. corridor c. enormous d. northerly

73. a. habitat b. pollution c. construction d. extinction

74. classify b. biologist c. benefit d. serious

75. a. endangered b. survival c. commercial d. industry

76. a. mosquito b. animal c. crocodile d. buffalo

77. a. unnoticed b. reunited c. incredible d. survival

78. a. imagine b. opinion c. incredible d. wilderness

79. a. recommend b. thoroughly c. travelling d. fascinate

80. a. character b. publisher c. wonderful d. understand

81. a. dependable b. reliable c. remarkable d. knowledgeable

82. a. detective b. romantic c. history d. adventure

83. a. biography b. historic c. discover d. authorship

84. a. imaginary b. scientific c. advantage d. reviewer

85. a. regulator b. personal c. referee d. dangerous

86. a. procedure b. indicate c. forefinger d. enemy

87. a. opponent b. penalize c. overtime d. synchronized

88. a. windsurfing b. equipment c. amatuer d. national

89. a. position b. fingertip c. athletic d. requirement

90. a. interesting b. surprising c. amusing d. successful

91. a. understand b. engineer c. benefit d. Vietnamese

92. a. applicant b. uniform c. yesterday d. employment

93. a. dangerous b. parachute c. popular d. magazine

94. a. comfortable b. employment c. important d. surprising

95. a. elegant b. regional c. musical d. important

96. a. difference b. surbaban c. Internet d. character

97. a. beautiful b. effective c. favourite d. popular

98. a. attraction b. goverment c. borrowing d. visitor

99. difficult b. individual c. population d. unemployment

100. a. capital b. tradition c. different d. Opera.

101. A. facility B. characterise C. irrational D. variety

102. A. agreement B. elephant C. mineral D. violent

103. A. professor B. typical C. accountant D. develop

104. A. electrician B. majority C. appropriate D. traditional

105. A. decay B. vanish C. attack D. depend

106. A. commercial B. constructive C. essential D. national

107. A. copy B. remove C. notice D. cancel

108. A curriculum B. economics C. hesitation D. calculation

109. A. interact B. specify C. illustrate D. fertilize

110. A. territorial B. economic C. considerate D. continental

111. A. sovereignty B. edition C. advantage D. enrichment

112. A. commit B. open C. index D. preview

113. A. candidate B. habitat C. wilderness D. attendance

114. A. recipe B. candidate C. instrument D. commitment

115. A. conceal B. contain C. conserve D. conquer

116. A. oceanic B. advantageous C. compulsory D. influential

117. A. inflation B. maximum C. applicant D. character

118. A. compulsory B. biography C. curriculum D. admirable

119. A. struggle B. anxious C. confide D. comfort

120. A. teacher B. lesson C. action D. police

121. A. adorable B. ability C. impossible D. entertainment

122. A. engineer B. corporate C. difficult D. different

123. A. popular B. position C. horrible D. positive

124. A. selfish B. correct C. purpose D. surface

125. A. permission B. computer C. million D. perfection

126. A. scholarship B. negative C. develop D. purposeful

127. A. ability B. acceptable C. education D. hilarious

128. A. document B. comedian C. perspective D. location

129. A. provide B. product C. promote D. profess

130. A. different B. regular C. achieving D. property

131. A. education B. community C. development D. unbreakable

132. A. politics B. deposit C. conception D. occasion

133. A. prepare B. repeat C. purpose D. police

134. A. preface B. famous C. forget D. childish

135. A. cartoon B. western C. teacher D. theater

136. A. Brazil B. Iraq C. Norway D. Japan

137. A. scientific B. ability C. experience D. material

138. A. complain B. luggage C. improve D. forgive

139. A. offensive B. delicious C. dangerous D. religious

140. A. develop B. adjective C. generous D. popular

141. A. beautiful B. important C. delicious D. exciting

142. A. element B. regular C. believing D. policy

143. A. punctual B. tolerant C. utterance D. occurrence

144. A. expensive B. sensitive C. negative D. sociable

145. A. education B. development C. economic D. preparation

146. A. attend B. option C. percent D. become

147. A. literature B. entertainment C. recreation D. information

148. A. attractive B. perception C. cultural D. expensive

149. A. chocolate B. structural C. important D. national

150. A. cinema B. position C. family D. popular

151. A. natural B. department C. exception D. attentive

152. A. economy B. diplomacy C. informative D. information

153. A. arrest B. purchase C. accept D. forget

154. A. expertise B. cinema C. recipe D. similar

155. A. government B. musician C. disgusting D. exhausting

156. A. gallery B. adventure C. holiday D. lecturer

157. A. return B. market C. notebook D. google

158. A. wardrobe B. career C. begin D. explode

159. A. continent B. banana C. camera D. difficult

160. A. expensive B. forgotten C. retirement D. picturesque

161. A. relative B. character C. volcano D. educate

162. A. open B. college C. invite D. football

163. A. beautiful B. certainty C. factory D. departure

164. A. pioneer B. hospital C. sightseeing D. comedy

165. A. competition B. recognition C. manufacture D. ability

166. A. legal B. diverse C. polite D. complete

167. A. suspicious B. marvelous C. physical D. argument

168. A. comfortable B. excellent C. communicate D. confident

169. A. document B. development C. improvement D. environment

170. A. information B. development C. psychology D. activity

171. A. machine B. office C. fiction D. expert

172. A. return B. market C. process D. office

173. A. abandon B. benefit C. constitute D. dialect

174. A. instruction B. intelligent C. comprehend D. inflation

175. A. reveal B. offer C. provide D. collapse

176. A. stagnant B. tableland C. survive D. swallow

177. A. occur B. prefer C. apply D. surface

178. A. emergency B. activity C. vulnerable D. initiative

179. A. identity B. modernize C. impressive D. emotion

180. A. compile B. compose C. compete D. complex

181: A. company B. instrument C. business D. adventure

182: A. suffer B. differ C. prefer D. offer

183: A. contact B. concert C. constant D. concern

184: A. recipe B. candidate C. instrument D. commitment

185: A. inflation B. maximum C. applicant D. character

186: A. compulsory B. biography C. curriculum D. admirable

187: A. struggle B. anxious C. confide D. comfort

188: A. offer B. canoe C. country D. standard

189: A. pollution B. computer C. currency D. allowance

190: A. financial B. fortunate C. marvelous D. physical

191: A. prepare B. survive C. finish D. appeal

192: A. bamboo B. forget C. deserve D. channel

193: A. endanger B. furniture C. determine D. departure

194: A. teacher B. lesson C. action D. police

195: A. important B. happiness C. employment D. relation

196: A. possible B. cultural C. confident D. supportive

197: A. office B. nature C. result D. farmer

198: A. difficult B. popular C. effective D. national

199: A. answer B. reply C. singer D. future

200: A. medical B. essential C. dangerous D. regular

201:A. mountaineer B. photography C. employ D. mosquito

202. A. community B. minority C. biology D. dormitory

203. A. outbreaks B. outdoors C. outskirts D. outcomes

204. A. Arabic B. aerobics C. lunatic D. politics

205. A. advisable B. admirable C. reliable D. desirable

206. A. comprise B. convert C. conceal D. combat

207. A. volunteer B. absentee C. committee D. entertain

208. A. scandal B. dental C. canal D. rental

209. A. devastator B. nominate C. interest D. establish

210. A. Canada B. Brazil C. Japan D. Bulgaria

Đáp án Bài tập trọng âm tiếng Anh

1b, 2d, 3a, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8c, 9c, 10a,

11a, 12a, 13c, 14c, 15d, 16c, 17d, 18a, 19a, 20c,

21d, 22c, 23d, 24a, 25b, 26b, 27c, 28b, 29a, 30c,

31c, 32d, 33b, 34a, 35b, 36b, 37c, 38d, 39a, 40d,

41c, 42a, 43c, 44d, 45d, 46c, 47b, 48a, 49c, 50,

51c, 52a, 53c, 54a, 55b, 56b, 57a, 58c, 59d, 60,

61c, 62d, 63b, 64c, 65d, 66d, 67c, 68c, 69c, 70c,

71a, 72c, 73a, 74b, 75d, 76a, 77b, 78, 79a, 80d,

81, 82c, 83d, 84b, 85c, 86a, 87a, 88b, 89b, 90a,

91c, 92d, 93d, 94a, 95d, 96b, 97b, 98a, 99a, 100b.

101b; 102 a, 103b 104a; 105b, 106d; 107b; 108a; 109d; 110a;

111d; 112c; 113c; 114d; 115d; 116c; 117 a; 118d; 119 c; 120d;

121 - D; 122 - A; 123 - B; 124 - B; 125 - C; 126 - C; 127 - C; 128 - A; 129 - B; 130 - C;

131 - A; 132 - A; 133 - C; 134 - C; 135 - A; 136 - C; 137 - A; 138 - B; 139 - C; 140 - A;

141 - A; 142 - C; 143 - D; 144 - A; 145 - X; 146 - B; 147 - A; 148 - C; 149 - C; 150 - B;

151 - A; 152 - D; 153 - B; 154 - A; 155 - A; 156 - B; 157 - A; 158 - A; 159 - B; 160 - D;

161 - C; 162 - C; 163 - D; 164 - A; 165 - D; 166 - A; 167 - A; 168 - C; 169 - A; 170 - A;

171 - A; 172 - A; 173 - A; 174 - C; 175 - B; 176 - C; 177 - D; 178 - C; 179 - B; 180 - D;

181 - D; 182 - C; 183 - D; 184 - D; 185 - A; 186 - D; 187 - C; 188 - B; 189 - C; 190 - A;

191 - C; 192 - D; 193 - C; 194 - D; 195 - B; 196 - D; 197 - C; 198 - C; 199 - B; 200 - B;

201 - A; 202 - D; 203 - B; 204 - B; 205 - B; 206 - D; 207 - C; 208 - C; 209 - D; 210 - A;

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