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Mời các bạn tham gia nhóm Tài liệu học tập lớp 9 để nhận thêm những tài liệu hay: Tài liệu học tập lớp 9

Bài tập tự luận và trắc nghiệm môn Anh lớp 9 Unit 7, 8, 9 tổng hợp các dạng bài tập phổ biến giúp học sinh lớp 9 củng cố kiến thức và chuẩn bị cho kì thi cuối kỳ sắp tới. Bên cạnh đó các em có thể tham khảo tài liệu môn Toán 9 và môn Ngữ văn 9.

A. Nội dung đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 1

Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern

1. A. pressure

B. whiteboard

C. responsive

D. science

2. A. computer

B. science

C. theoretical

D. facility

3. A. demolish

B. syllabus

C. industrial

D. commercial

Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part

4. A. checkout

B. erode

C. exotic

D. decision

5. A. reasonable

B. resort

C. season

D. excursion

6. A. grill

B. garnish

C. dip

D. slice

Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

7. Moderation doesn't mean____________ the foods you love.

A. to eliminate

B. eliminating

C. to prevent

D. preventing

8. Keeping a __________ for a few days will help you discover your bad eating habits.

A. diary

B. personal

C. food diary


9. Another feature in northern cuisine is in winter all family members gather around a big hotpot ___________there is a combination of seasoned broth, vegetables and meats.


B.in which


D.in what

10. If people work so much, they____________depressed and eat more.


B.had felt

C.may feel

D.may have felt

11. Some of famous _________in Southern Viet Nam are Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Bun Mam, fried rice, flour cake, and many kinds of puddings.





12. __________domestic and foreign tourism will create demand for additional hotels and motels.





13. Does it take________long time to get to________city centre?

A.Ø - the

B.a - a

C.a - the

D.the - the

14. If you pay a visit to Hue, you should once visit Lang Co beach where you can have the most relaxing time and admire the natural beauty of ___________.





15. For people in Cam Thanh Commune near Hoi An, the coconut wetlands provide fisheries,a beautiful area for _________ as well as an ideal refuge for boats during heavy storms.




D.tour guide

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed to make the sentence correct

16. If (A) someone came (B) into the store, smile (C) and say, “May (D) I help you?”

17. Sam will not (A) graduate unless (B) he doesn’t pass (C) all the (D) tests.

Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Language is (18) _________ people (19) _________ with one another. It is a terrific tool. Language is spoken, but it is also (20)_________down. Sign language used by many people who are (21) _________is the communication with gestures. We do (22)_________ our communication (23)_________speaking.

English is (24)_________international language in the world, but it is not the world’s most (25)_________spoken language. There are more than 1.2 billion people (26)_________ Chinese.Arabic is second, and then Hindi, with English in the fourth place. (27)_________ languages inthe top ten are Spanish, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and German.

18. A. latest

B. fresh

C. late

D. recent

19. A. counted

B. enclosed

C. included

D. contained

20. A. bonus

B. profit

C. allowance

D. support

21. A. make

B. get

C. accept

D. earn

22. A. increasing

B. building

C. gaining

D. heightening

23. A. spare

B. keep

C. put

D. save

24. A. from

B. along

C. to

D. with

25. A. for

B. in

C. like

D. as

26. A. which

B. what

C. the

D. whether

27. A. respond

B. return

C. reply

D. answer

Read the passage and answer the questions

Every day distances between different countries seem less. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important to know foreign languages, especially English.

One billion people, about 20% of the world's population, speak English today. 400 million people speak English as their first language. For the other 600 million people, it is either a second language or a foreign language.

English is the first language in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia as well as New Zealand. It is also one of the official languages in Canada, the Irish Republic and the Republic of South Africa. English is spoken in more than 60 countries as a second language. It is used by the government, businessmen and universities.

English is the language of politics and diplomacy, science and technology, business and trade, sport and pop music. 80% of all information in the world’s computers is in English. 75% of the world's letters and faxes are sent in English. 60% of all international telephone calls are made in English. More than 60% of all scientific journals are printed in English.

To know English today is quite a usual thing for every educated person, for every good specialist. Learning a language is not easy. It is a long and slow process that takes a lot of time and work.

English is studied throughout the world and great number of people speak it quite well. In our country, English is very popular: it is taught at schools, colleges and universities as a foreign language.

Everyone will master English soon. We all need to understand each other. To do that we must know an international language, and that is English.

28. What makes distances between different countries seem less?


29. In which fields is English widely used around the world?


30. What is the role of English in education in our country?


31. How hard is the process of learning a language?


Rewrite the following sentences without changing its meaning

32. The music is good. Julia listen to the music. (which)


33. My pronunciation is bad because I don’t practise more often

If ___________________________________________________

34. Eating healthy foods is very important.

It is _________________________________________________

35. I suggest having spaghetti and pizza tonight.

Let’s ________________________________________________

B. Nội dung đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 2

I/ Choose the word (A, B, C or D) whose stress is different from the others

1. A. imperial

B. reasonable

C. journalism

D. memorable

2. A. avocado

B. necessary

C. restoration

D. preparation

3. A. approximately

B. vocabulary

C. pronunciation

D. administrative

II/ Choose the word (A, B, C or D) whose underlined part is pronounced differently

1. A. fascinate

B. safari

C. attractive

D. accent

2. A. preservation

B. corporation

C. stimulating

D. complicated

III/ Give the correct form of the verbs

1. I (keep)__________ a horse if I could afford it

2. He might get fat if he (stop) _________ smoking.

3. What you (do) __________ if you found a burglar in your house?

IV/ Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

1. Are you someone who can read and write well in English but cannot speak ________?

A. fluency

B. a fluency

C. fluent

D. fluently

2. There are several reasons_________Adam is not chosen for the school football team.

A.from then


C.for what


3. Drinking enough water is a vital part___________it keeps your body functioning properly.





4. One special feature of cuisine in Southern Vietnam is short cooking time which aims to________the freshness of food.





5. If you get_______when speaking, take two deep breaths before you say something.





V/ Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

When I first started learning English ten years ago, I could hardly (1) _________a word - “hello”, “good bye”, “thank you” was just about it! I went to classes two evenings a week and I was surprised at how quickly I (2)_________progress. (3)_________the course we learned lots of vocabulary and studied grammar rules. (4)_________thing I enjoyed most was being able to practise speaking with the other students in my class.

After two years I went to England to a (5)_________ school. It was in Cambridge.I did a(6)_________course at a very good school and I stayed with a local family. It was a fantastic experience and I (7)_________up a lot of things from speaking with my host family and with other students from (8)_________the world. I really improved my pronunciation as well. When I got back (9)_________my home town, I was so much more confident. I(10)_________ actually hold a conversation with my teacher in English.

1. A. talk

B. speak

C. say

D. tell

2. A. do

B. make

C. did

D. made

3. A. During

B. After

C. Before

D. While

4. A. That

B. A

C. The

D. Those

5. A. science

B. language

C. art

d. finance

6. A. three-weeks

B. third-week

C. threes-week

D. three-week

7. A. picked

B. looked

C. got

D. stood

8. A. all

B. over

C. over all

D. all over

9. A. the

B. to

C. in

D. on

10. A. had to

B. Used to

C. could

D. would

VI/ Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Have you ever noticed advertisements which say “Learn a foreign language in 6 weeks, or your money back. From the first day your pronunciation will be excellent. Just send....” and so on? Of course, it never happens quite like that. One’s mother language is easier to learn, but it also requires a lot of practice to be fluent. And think how much practice that gets! Before the Second World War, people usually learned a foreign language in order to read the literature of that country.

Now speaking a foreign language is what most people want. Every year many millions of people start learning one. How do they do it? Some people try it at home, with books and records of tapes; some use radio for television programmes; some use computers and network; others go to evening classes. If they use the language only 2 or 3 times a week, it will take a long time, like learning a foreign language at school. A few people try to learn the language fast by studying for 6 or more hours a day. It is clearly easier to learn the language in the country where it is spoken. However, most people cannot afford this, and for many it is not necessary. They need the language in order to do their work better. For example, scientists and doctors chiefly need to be able to read books and reports in the foreign language. Whether the language is learned quickly or slowly, it is hard work. Machines and good books will help, but they cannot do the student’s work for him.

1. According to some advertisements, you___________.

A.have to pay your money if you cannot master a foreign language in 6 weeks

B.needn’t pay your money if you cannot learn a foreign language in 6 weeks

C. must pay your money if you cannot master a foreign language in 6 weeks

D.will be paid much money if you cannot learn a foreign language in 6 weeks

2. Now most people try to learn a foreign language in order to__________.

A. read the literature of the country

B.read books and reports

C. do their work better

D.go to foreign countries

3. The best way to learn a foreign language is __________.

A.to go to the country where the language is spoken

B.to use machines and good books

C. to go to evening classes

D.to do as the advertisements tell you to

4. Learning a foreign language is a hard job___________.

A. only for scientists and doctors

B.only for the students at school

C. for those people at home

D.for most people

5. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?

A.It is very difficult to learn a language, including the native language.

B. Few people can afford to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken.

C. To learn one’s mother tongue also needs a lot of practice.

D.Machines and good books are useless for us to learn a foreign language.

VII/ Complete the second sentence with the conditional sentence based on the facts given

1. We have languages. We use them for communication.

If we didn’t _____________________________________

2. Our sense of sight allows us to read the written language.

If we didn’t ______________________________________

3. I have a friend. Her mum is a volunteer worker.


4. In India with innumerable regional languages in different states, English serves as the common language in the country.

In India, English is regarded as ______________________

5. Whenever you find a new word, try to predict the meaning and then look into the dictionary to know the meaning.

Whenever you find a new word, try to predict the meaning and ____________________

C. Nội dung đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 3

I/ Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part

1. A. estimate

B. technical

C. settlement

D. imitate

2. A. delicious

B. nutritious

C. especially

D. visionary

3. A. approximate

B. conversation

C. operation

D. enormity

II/ Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others

4. A. avocado

B. necessary

C. restoration

D. preparation

5. A. imperial

B. reasonable

C. journalism

D. memorable

6. A. chocolate

B. stomachache

C. recipe

D. lasagne

III/ Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

7. Reading is the best way to__________your vocabulary in any language.

A. improve

B. increase

C. raise

D. put up

8. You should eat more ____________ food instead of fast food

A. nutritional

B. nutrition

C. nutritive

D. nutritious

9. Perhaps the three most popular ice cream_________are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

A. offers

B. flavours

C. brands

D. ingredients

10. __________ cups of coffee have you taken?

A. How many

B. How much

C. How

D. How far

11. She likes travelling so she decides to become a tour _________ in the future.

A. guidance

B. guide

C. guiding

D. guidable

IV/ Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage

Being (12) __________ to speak English gives you a lot of advantages while you’re travelling to another country. English is the global language, which means it’s (13) __________ in many countries by many people. Communicating with local people will be easier when you speak English. Even though, not everyone can speak English fluently, common phrases in English can be understood by most people. This will come. (14) __________ handy when you’re talking to drivers, hotel staffs, asking for directions or haggling for better price. Speaking English will also enhance your travelling experience. (15) __________ you can get a lot of information about a country or a tourist attraction. Many interesting facts which can be found on location or (16) __________ websites are usually in the native tongue and English.

12. A. possible

B. able

C. capable

D. proficient

13. A. speaking

B. spoke

C. spoken

D. speaks

14. A. in

B. with

C. for

D. on

15. A. because

B. but

C. although

D. so

16. A. by

B. at

C. in

D. on

V/ Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses

17. She will be absolutely furious if she (hear) __________ about this.

18. If everybody (give)__________ 1 pound, we would have enough.

19. What you (do) _____________ if you found a burglar in your house

VI/ Rewrite these following sentences

20. I am terribly sorry, I thought you were a friend of Anna’s.

I took ___________________________________________

21. Although she was busy, she managed to find the time to proofread for me.

Busy ____________________________________________

22. They continued to say that I was to blame.

They persisted ____________________________________

VII/ Use the words or phrases given to write meaningful sentences

23. Tourism development/ lead/ soil erosion/ pollution/ waste.


24. Tourism/ contribute/ increasing carbon footprint/ stress/ ecosystems.


25. The infrastructure/ tourist spot/ not/ satisfy/ great demand/ during/ peak season.


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