Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 Sở GD- ĐT Thanh Hóa

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ĐỀ THI HỌC 1 LỚP 10 M HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. Select the antonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence in
the unit:
Question 1. Gradually more children were sent to the class as their parents realized that
the young teacher was trying her best to help their poor kids.
A. strong B. lucky C. rich D. good
Question 2. Look at the illustrations of different parts of a computer system.
A. similar B. average C. together D. pure
II. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences:
Yesterday afternoon while Dung (3)_______ in her study, Quang (4)_______
in and (5)_______ her to lend him an English exercise book. "I (6)_______
tomorrow's English lesson," he (7)_______ , "and I (8)_______ a few words
that I (9)_______ ."
Question 3. A. am reading B. read C. was reading D. have read
Question 4. A. came B. had came C. come D. has come
Question 5. A. asks B. asked C. had asked D. asking
Question 6. A. preparing B. prepare C. prepared D. am
Question 7. A. said B. has said C. had said D. say
Question 8. A. find B. had found C. have found D. found
Question 9. A. don't know B. wasn't known C. am not known D. hasn't
III. Choose the best answer
Question 10. Make questions with underlined parts:
It usually rains in the summer
A. where does it usually rain ?
B. when does it usually rain in the summer ?
C. when does it usually rain ?
D. why does it usually rain in the summer?
Question 11. She refused the job ..............…the high salary.
A. because of
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B. in spite of
C. because
D. although
Question 12. she is a Miss World. she must be very ...................................
A. beautiful
B. beautify
C. beautician
D. beauty
Question 13. We arrived late ………… the bad weather.
A. in spite of
B. although
C. because of
D. because
Question 14. she drinks ................................... every day
A. a packet of lemonade
B. a bottle of lemonade
C. a bar of lemonade
D. a box of lemonade
Question 15. Fill in the blanks with suitable wh-question words
……………will captain the team if Nick isn't available? - Jackson
A. which
B. why
C. what
D. who
Question 16. He ...................................................... my work till I
threatened ……………… him
A. kept on criticizing/ to hitting
B. kept on criticizing/ hitting
C. kept on criticizing/ to hit
D. kept on to criticize/ to hit
Question 17. The windows are dirty. They need …………, but I can't ................ them
because I am sick.
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A. to clean/ clean
B. cleaning / clean
C. cleaning / cleaning
D. cleaning / to clean
Question 18. My mother - in - law usually ________ breakfast at 7.00.
A. haves
B. have
C. to have
D. has
Question 19. Does she live in ...................................?
A. a house big blue walled
B. a blue big walled house
C. a walled big blue house
D. a big blue walled house
Question 20. Would you mind _______ more clearly, please?
A. spoke
B. speak
C. speaking
D. to speak
Question 21. By the end of last summer, the farmers _______ all the crop.
A. had harvested
B. harvested
C. harvest
D. are harvested
IV. Choose the word whose pronunciation is differently from the others in each group:
Question 22. A. stopped B. naked C. called D. knocked
Question 23. A. relatives B. neighbors C. friends D. photographs
Question 24. A. writers B. snacks C. follows D. titles
V.Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct
Question 25. How long does the coach journey from Ben Tre and Ho Chi Minh city take?

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