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Choose the correct answer for each following sentence.
1. ______________ I bought the golden fish.
2. It was Tom _______ to help us.
3. ____________ the police had rescued from the fire.
4. _______________ my parents gave me the fish tank.
5. __________ I first met my girlfriend.
6. ____________ on the phone.
7. ____________ a high level of blood cholesterol.
8. _______________ England won the World Cup.
9. __________________ we all look for.
10. ________________ me how to play the drum.
11. It is Mr Hung ___________ English at my school.
12. It was my dog __________ neighbors very scared.
13. It was me ______________ a lot of toys by my father.
14. It was ____________ he gave the whole confidential document.
15. It is the floor _________ by his wife every evening.
16. It was ___________ my father bought a new car.
17. _____________ she sent a postcard.
18. ____________ that we often gather for our study.
19. It was that singer ________ was given a lot of flowers.
20. _______________ you can kill computer viruses.
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