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Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to identify the underlined part that
is not correct.
Câu 1: Food prices have raised so rapidly in the past few months that some families have
been forced to alter their eating habits.
A. have raised
B. rapidly
C. that
D. their eating habits
Câu 2: Having finished his term paper before the deadline, it was delivered to the professor
before the class.
A. it was delivered
B. Having finished
C. before
D. before the
Câu 3: Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountains, the climbers decided not to
cancel their climb.
A. Even though
B. extremely
C. not to cancel
D. their climb
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct word or phrase for each of the blanks.
A long time ago, when ancient Rome was still an empire, people of that time used similar
weights and measures. The standards for these weights and measures were established by the
Romans, who kept these standards in a temple in Rome. All standards for measuring weight
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or distance were the same, whether in Spain or in Syria. But then the Roman Empire fell,
and these standards disappeared. Today, standards vary from place to place throughout the
world. Tourists who drive from the United States in Canada, for example, are surprised
when they buy gasoline for their cars.
A gallon of gas costs more than they are accustomed to paying. They complain that prices
are much higher in Canada than in the United States. Then they discover that they can drive
farther on a Canadian gallon than on a United States gallon. Is it a different kind of gas? No,
it is a different kind of gallon. Canada uses the British, or imperial, gallon that is about one-
fifth larger than the United States gallon. Four quarts equal a gallon and two pints equal a
quart in both countries. But Canada’s quarts and pints are larger than quarts and pints in the
United States. The imperial gallon equals 277.42 cubic inches while the gallon in the United
States is equal to 231 cubic inches. Measured in ounces, Canada’s large gallon holds 160
fluid ounces, while the smaller United States gallon holds no more than 128 fluid ounces.
From these figures, it is easy to see why Americans can drive farther on the Canadian gallon
than on the American gallon. Someday, countries may follow the example of the ancient
Romans and make weights and measures the same for every nation.
Câu 4: Why are American tourists surprised?
A. The price of a Canadian gallon of gas seems high.
B. They weigh more in Canada than in the United States.
C. Canada has a shortage of gasoline.
D. They didn’t know Canada sold gasoline.
Câu 5: Canada has a different kind of_________.
A. gallon
B. gasoline
C. tourist
D. driver
Câu 6: Which statement does the article lead you to believe?
A. Americans should not travel so much.
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B. No one in Rome ever went to a temple.
C. It would be good to use the same measures everywhere.
D. Canada should reduce their price of gasoline.
Câu 7: A gallon of gas in Canada costs more__________.
A. than the imperial British like
B. than American tourists afford
C. than the ancient Romans charged
D. than Americans are used to paying
Câu 8: The word empire in the first line refers to_________.
A. a tribe of residents
B. a kind of a society
C. a country
D. a measurement
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to
each of the following questions.
Câu 9: Let's have a party to celebrate our third successive win, __________?
A. don't we
B. will we
C. shall we
D. do we
Câu 10: After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing__________ storm water.
A. from
B. for
C. by
D. with
Câu 11: Her room is very large. She is dreaming of a__________.
A. wooden big round table
B. round big wooden table

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