Tìm lỗi sai Tiếng Anh - Ôn thi vào lớp 6

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Tìm lỗi sai Tiếng Anh - Ôn thi vào lớp 6 nằm trong chuyên mục ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh do VnDoc.com biên soạn và đăng tải. Tài liệu về ngữ âm Tiếng Anh gồm nhiều dạng bài tập nâng cao có đáp án, bám sát chương trình và đề thi giúp học sinh nắm chắc kiến thức phần lý thuyết trước đó hiệu quả.

Tìm lỗi sai Tiếng Anh - Ôn thi vào lớp 6

Bản quyền thuộc về VnDoc nghiêm cấm mọi hành vi sao chép vì mục đích thương mại

Find the mistake in each mistake

1. We should(A) drink lots (B) of coke (C) and eat sweets (D).

2. You have(A) a fever. Don’t go (B) out. Let’s stays (C) in bed and take (D) some medicine.

3. My(A) brother can’t (B) go to schuul (C) today because he has (D) a fever.

4. My (A) mother has (B) a problem with her teeths (C). She must (D) go to the doctor.

5. Trang often go(A) camping with (B) her family (C) once a month (D).

6. We(A) often go (B) to school (C) in (D) bus.

7. Phong likes(A) drawing pictures (B) and play (C) chess (D).

8. Her sister goes(A) to the zoo (B) with her (C) classmates yesterday (D).

9. How oftens(A) do you read (B) folk tales? - Once (C) a week (D).

10. My brother (A) bought a very (B) interesting books (C) last week (D).

11. There (A) are thirty pupils (B) in my (C) class. Them (D) are hard-working pupils.

12. Can (A) you go (B) to (C) the store for I (D)?

13. I’d like (A) a sandwich (B) and a glass (C) lemon juice (D), please.

14. How many(A) is that (B) pack of (C) milk (D)?

15. How many(A) oranges (B) would (C) he (D) want?

16. Which(A) time (B) do you get (C) up (D)?

17. It is (A) very (B) noise (C) here (D).

18. There (A) aren’t any (B) store (C) here (D).

19. This (A) is my book. These (B) are the teacher (C) (D)

20. That (A) is Sally’s (B) It’s (C) name’s (D) Muffìn.

21. He lives (A) in (B) an (C) apartment near to (D) the lake.

22. There are (A) a bed, a table, a computer (B), and (C) a bookshelf in (D) my bedroom.

23. There are (A) a (B) well (C) in my grandparents’ (D) garden

24. I will come (A) and stay with (B) you and (C) your family on March.(D)

25. In summer (A), Peter usually plays (B) the tennis (C) every day.(D)

26. Music(A) is clear (B) different from (C) language. (D)

27. People can (A) use music (B) for express (C) their emotions.(D)

28. They (A) often walking (B) to school because (C) their house in near (D) the school.

29. My mother is (A) going (B) to held (C) a party in (D) a big hotel next week.

30. The (A) sign “No smoking here” means (B) that you must (C) smoke (D) here.

31. She totally (A) agrees to (B) her husband about (C) the need for (D) change .

32. Is (A) there a (B) river to (C) the right for (D) the hotel?

-The end-

Đáp án tìm lỗi sai Tiếng Anh

Find the mistake in each mistake

1. A (should => shouldn’t)

2. C (stays => stay)

3. C (schuul => school)

4. C (teeths => tooth)

5. A (go => goes)

6. D (in => by)

7. C (play => playing)

8. A (goes => went)

9. A (oftens => often)

10. C (books => book)

11. D (Them => They)

12. D (I => me)

13. C (a glass => a glass of)

14. A (many => much)

15. C (would => does)

16. A (Which => What)

17. C (noise => noisy)

18. C (store => stores)

19. C (teacher => teacher’)

20. C (It’s => Its)

21. D (near to => next to)

22. A (are => is)

23. A (are => is)

24. D (on Marrch => in March)

25. C (the tennis => tennis)

26. B (is clear => clearly)

27. B (for express => to express)

28. B (walking => walk)

29. C (held => hold)

30. C (must => mustn’t)

31. B (to => with)

32. D (for => of)

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