Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 9: Deserts có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 9: Deserts

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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

1. A. circle B. center C. census D. cancel

2. A. area B. arise C. arrange D. arrive

3. A. dessert B. desert C. deserve D. prefer

4. A. roughly B. tough C. enough D. though

5. A. gently B. germ C. gear D. gene

Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best completes each of the following sentence.

6. They made an aerial survey; that is, they made a survey_________.

A. by ship B. by plane C. on foot D. by telescope

7. Hummock grasses grow in loose sand on the crest.

A.side B. bottom C. top D. inside

8. Eight kilometers is_________ equivalent to five miles.

A. exactly B. roughly C. rarely D. precisely

9. Older people_________ a large proportion of those living in poverty.

A. comprise B. consist C. compose D. compound

10. She has the windows open, _________it is cold outside.

A. however B. therefore C. athough D. so

11. There is still much to discuss. We shall, _________, return to this item at our next meeting.

A. therefore B. moreover C. although D. so that

12. The sea was dangerous, _________we didn't go out for a swim.

A. since B. but C. so D. as

13. The new trains have more powerful engines and are; _________, faster.

A. therefore B. however C. nevertheless D. nonetheless

14. It was cold and wet. _________, Paul put on his swimming suit and went to the beach.

A. Although B. Therefore C. However D. Because

15. I had no choice_________sign the contract.

A. despite B. but C. without D. unless

16. You can dress_________you like.

A. whatever B. therefore C. however D. nevertheless

17. _________hard he tried, he couldn't open the door.

A. Therefore B. However C. Although D. Despite

18. We took a map with us_________.

A. so that we would get lost B. so that we wouldn't get lost

C. so that we won't get lost D. in order to get lost

19. We'll buy everything you produce_________it's reasonable.

A. provided B. so C. only D. except

20. Sunglasses come_________many different colors, shapes, and strengths.

A. with B. from C. by D. in

21. You are expected_________the safety regulations of the school.

A. know B. to know C. knowing D. being known

22. _________ his father, he is a biologist.

A. Like B. Alike C. The same D. As

23. Everyone_________happy at the last meeting.

A. are B. were C. was D. is

24. Did you paint it yourself or did you_________ it painted?

A. make B. do C. have D. ask

25. We_________drive fast; we have plenty of time.

A. can't B. needn't C. mustn't D. oughtn't

26. If you_________there what would you have done?,

A. were B. had been C. would be D. would have been

27. They'll be able to walk across the river_________.

A. if the ice will be thick enough B. unless the ice is thick enough

C. if the ice is thick enough D. when the ice will be thick enough

28. Please call if you're going to arrive_________.

A. as late B. late C. lately D. later than

29. Nobody knew that Uncle Ben was coming to see us. He arrived_________.

A. unexpecting B. unexpected C. unexpectedly D. expectantly

30. 'He is back already.' 'He_________very early.'

A. should have started B. must have started

C. shouldn't have started D. can't have started

31. We expected that our team_________, but it didn't.

A. will win the game B. can win the game

C. would win the game D. will be winning the game

32. You can see the details_________the computer screen.

A. in B. on C. at D. by

33. Don't walk too fast. I can't keep_________you.

A. on to B. on with C. up to D. up with

34. Rita is not used _________on her own.

A. for living B. to live C. with living D. to living

35. He bought a ticket_________.

A. and his brother did either B. but his brother didn't, too

C. and so his brother bought D. and so did his brother

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