Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 12 Water Sports có đáp án

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I. Bài tập tiếng Anh unit 12 lớp 12 Water Sports

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

1. a. water b. football c. begin d. meter

2. a. personal b. penalty c. defensive d. vertical

3. a. award b. prevent c. visit d. except

4. a. goalie b. advanced c. above d. depend

5. a. overtime b. decision c. period d. penalize

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.

6. Water polo is played in _______ pool 1. 8 meters deep.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. Ø

7. The goalie tried to catch _______ ball, but he failed.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. Ø

8. The final I _______ was 3-0.

a. score

b. scoring

c. scorer

d. scores

9. The referee's _______ is the most important in any sport competition.

a. decide

b. decisive

c. decision

d. decider

10. _______ players are not allowed to interfere with the opponent's movements unless the player is holding the ball.

a. Defense

b. Defensive

c. Defender

d. Defensively

11. _____ the start of each period, both teams line up on their own goal line.

a. In

b. For

c. From

d. At

12. A water polo ball is constructed of waterproof material to allow it to float _______ the water.

a. upon

b. over

c. above

d. on

13. There are six field player positions and a goalkeeper ______ each team.

a. on

b. with

c. from

d. for

14. _______ is a sport in which two or more people perform complicated and carefully planned movements in water in time to music.

a. Rowing

b. Windsurfing

c. Diving

d. Synchronized swimming

15. If the tie is not broken after two overtime _______, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

a. opponents

b. waves

c. parts

d. periods

16. Minor _______ occur when a player impedes or otherwise prevents the free movement of an opponent including swimming on the opponent's shoulders, back or legs.

a. penalties

b. shots

c. fouls

d. motions

17. _______ is a game played in a swimming pool in which two teams of swimmers try to score goals with a ball.

a. Water polo

b. Rowing

c. Swimming

d. Water skiing

18. Offensive players may be called for a foul by pushing off a defender to provide space for a _______ or shot.

a. pass

b. crossbar

c. box

d. goal

19. A penalty shot is _______ when a major foul is committed inside the 5-meter line.

a. prevented

b. awarded

c. committed

d. ranged

20. A dry pass, meaning the ball does not _______ the water is thrown a few inches above the head of the catching player.

a. catch

b. hold

c. swim

d. touch

21. _______ is a sport in which you move along the surface of the sea or a lake on a long narrow board with a sail on it.
a. Water polo

b. Diving

c. Windsurfing

d. Scuba diving

22.Water polo balls _______ with a special texture so it will not slip from the hands of a player.

a. cover

b. are covered

c. are being covered

d. covered

23.Alexis _______ next week.

a is swimming in the state championship

b. is swimming the state championship

c. is swum the state championship

d. is swum the state championship

24.The news of war _______ and the world.

a. was shocked the nation

b. was shocked by the nation

c. shocked the nation

d. shocked by the nation

25.The player _______.

a. will reward for his hat-trick

b. will be rewarded for his hat-trick

c. will reward his hat-trick

d. will be rewarded his hat-trick

26.Before the end of the term, I _______ all the required reading.

a. was finished by

b. had been finished by

c. had finished

d. had been finished

27.The player was ejected because he committed a foul.

a. as

b. due to

c. despite

d. provided

28.John could not continue the match _______ his badly injured leg.

a. because

b. since

c. as

d. because of

29.They cancelled the match _______ his badly injured leg.

a. due to it rained heavily

b. because of the heavy rain

c. because of it rained heavily

d. because the heavy rain

30.You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains, _______ the ground is rough and hard.

a. though

b. due to

c. because of

d. because

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

31. He could escape from hurt because he was wearing protective clothes.

a. Thanks to his protective clothes, he could escape from hurt.

b. His protective clothes made him hurt.

c. Due to his protective clothes, he was hurt.

d. His being hurt made his unable to wear protective clothes.

32. We were unable to type the contract because the computer malfunctioned.

a. Despite a computer malfunction, we managed to finish typing the contract.

b. The computer malfunction helped us complete the contract.

c. The fact that the computer malfunction prevented us from typing the contract.

d. Thanks to the computer malfunction, we could type the contract.

33. The roads were slippery because it snowed heavily.

a. It snowed too heavily to make the roads slippery.

b. The heavy snow prevented the roads from-being slippery.

c. Thanks to the slip of the roads, it snowed heavily.

d. The heavy snow made the roads slippery.

34. The accident happened because she was careless.

a. The accident was prevented due to her carelessness.

b. Her carelessness was responsible for the accident.

c. It was the accident that made her careless.

d. The more careless she was, the less accident happened.

35. I did not understand what the lecturer was saying because I had not read his book.

a. What the lecturer wrote and said was too difficult for me to understand.

b. The lecturer's book which I had not read was difficult to understand.

c. I found it very difficult to understand what the lecturer said in his book.

d. I would have understood what the lecturer was saying if I had read his book.

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

Water sports are as challenging as they are fun. Although water sports are not as popular as basketball or football, activities such as parasailing, water skiing, water polo, wakeboarding, jet skiing and competitive swimming interest many people. Ail water sports have an element of danger involved, which is why it is important to follow these safety tips before you dive in.

Step 1: Learn how to swim. Sure, it seems obvious, but it is also extremely important. Do not even think about skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or water polo if you cannot stay afloat in water deeper than your height.

Step 2: Check your equipment and your life safety tools. Count your life vests and have floatation devices nearby. If you are engaging in a sport that requires a lot of equipment, such as wakeboarding, go over every piece to ensure proper functioning.

Step 3: Be physically fit. Put your pride aside and get in shape. Most water sports are incredibly strenuous and require the player to have physical endurance. It can be dangerous to participate in a water sport, such as water skiing or wakeboarding, when your body isn't ready.

Step 4: Save the tricks for the professionals. If you are an amateur, do not attempt water sport tricks. It is tempting to push to the next level with sports like skiing and sailing, but train heavily first.

Step 5: Recruit a spotter. When you do water sports, always have an extra person on hand to spot for you. This includes indoor sports like' water polo, diving and competitive swimming.

36. Water sports are much more popular than basket ball and football.

a. True

b. False

c. No information

37. Sometimes it is dangerous to playa water sport.

a. True

b. False

c. No information

38. The first thing you have to do is to learn how to swim if you want to take up a water sport.

a. True

b. False

c. No information

39. You need to have a boat right beside all the time if you want to take up a water sport.

a. True

b. False

c. No information

40. There are tricks which amateur players cannot play.

a. True

b. False

c. No information

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

Sailing or boating may seem to be very interesting with the high level of technical elements (41) _____ in the sport. Whether you choose a small (42) _____ or a catamaran, whether you choose lake or ocean sailing, there are (43) _____ number of things you need to master before you can start enjoying the pure (44) _____ of being on the water.

Getting the sailing skills which you need to start sailing your own boat is easy if you just sign up with a sailing school. You can learn to sail (45) _____ any age. There are no (46) ____. The best schools and instructors will teach you all you need to know about sailing in a friendly and pleasant manner. As with all sports, sailing will get you into (47) _____ with new friends. There is a closeness that develops out at sea, however, (48) _____ not many other sports have. Being on the water in any capacity demands a healthy outlook and way of life. Sailing and boating are two sports that (49) _____ all our senses to be at their peak. Sailing calls upon physical strength, intelligence and intuition. It is one sport that allows you to leave all your daily concerns and (50) _____ back on the land and to be off with only your bare self.

41. a. invented b. consisted c. involved d. contained

42. a. fleet b. submarine c. ferry d. boat

43. a. a b. an c. the d. Ø

44. a. please b. pleasure c. pleasant d. pleasantly

45. a. with b. at c. in d. for

46. a. investment b. disappearance c. discoveries d. restrictions

47. a. allowance b. pace c. contact d. keeping

48. a. which b. that c. when d. whom

49. a. ask b. say c. tell d. demand

50. a. cultures b. habits c. traditions d. customs

II. Đáp án bài tập unit 11 tiếng Anh 12 Books

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

1 - c; 2 - c; 3 - c; 4 - a; 5 - b;

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the
underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.

6 - a; 7 - c; 8 - a; 9 - c; 10 - b;

11 - d; 12 - d; 13 - a; 14 - d; 15 - d;

16 - c; 17 - a; 18 - b; 19 - d; 20 - c;

21 - c; 22 - b; 23 - a; 24 - c; 25 - b;

26 - c; 27 - a; 28 - d; 29 - b; 30 - b;

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

31 - a; 32 - c; 33 - d; 34 - b; 35 - d;

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer

36 - b; 37 - a; 38 - a; 39 - c; 40 - a;

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase

41 - c; 42 - d; 43 - a; 44 - b; 45 - b;

46 - d; 47 - c; 48 - a; 49 - d; 50 - b;

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