Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 12 My Future Career

English 9 Unit 12: My Future Career

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1. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Read the word aloud.

1. A. chapter

B. chemist

C. cheese

D. rich

2. A. nominated

B. polluted

C. provided

D. destroyed

3. A. sociable

B. ocean

C. receive

D. special

4. A. first

B. victim

C. facility

D. notice

5. A. question

B. accommodation

C. information

D. nation

2. Find the word which has a different position of the main stress in each line.

1. A. capable

B. different

C. difficult

D. delightful

2. A. comfortable

B. commercial

C. generous

D. demonstrate

3. A. heritage

B. waterfall

C. departure

D. separate

4. A. remember

B. government

C. natural

D. chemicals

5. A. experiment

B. assistant

C. sociable

D. equipment


1. Put the words in brackets into the right forms to complete the sentences.

1. Everyone marveled at his idea of organizing more field trips for students, (object)

2. James received a lot of from his teachers and friends to become an English teacher in the future, (courage)

3. The new resort doesn't quite come up to residents'________(expect)

4. My father is a strict who always believes in “spare the rod, spoil the child”, (discipline)

5. A donation of $10,000 was made by an anonymous to help disadvantaged children, (benefit).

2. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. Before you begin to explore career fields, you should determine your values, your interests and your ___________.

A. possibilities B. abilities C. capabilities D. probabilities

2. I'm really looking through the 'Situations Vacant' column because there are 50 applicants for every job.

A. fond of B. bored C. fed up D. tired of

3. She is ambitious and wants to ________ more responsibilities.

A. take in B. take on C. get to D. get up

4. He's very ________. He does his work very badly.

A. incompetent B. rash C. hasty D. unconscious

5. She is very ________. She can be relied on to do her job properly.

A. efficient B. cautious C. serious D. conservative

6. ________ is a person who stops fires burning.

A. Policeman B. Librarian C. Firefighter D. Postman

7. “Never be late for an interview, ________ you can get a job”.

A. or so B. unless C. if not D. otherwise

8. I am currently ________ for an opportunity to use the skills I learnt in my college.

A. watching B. finding C. looking D. taking

9. Doctors are responsible for the diagnosis, care and ________ of illness and disease. They also have a role in protecting and improving people's well-being.

A. treatment B. cure C. remedy D. therapy

10. If you want to inspire young people through ________, a job as a primary school teacher could be perfect for you.

A. learn B. learning C. being learned D. to learn


1. Read the passage and choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete it

Do you ever wish you were more optimistic, someone who always (1)_______ to be successful? Having someone around who always (2)_________the worst isn't really a lot of fun, we all know someone who sees a single cloud on a sunny day and says "It looks like rain”. But if you catch yourself thinking such things, it's important to do something (3)_______ it.

You can change your view of life, (4)_________to psychologists. It only takes a little effort, and you'll find life more rewarding as a result. Optimism, they say, is partly about self-respect and confidence, but it's also a more positive way of looking at life and all it has to (5)_________________.

Optimists are more (6)___________to start new projects and are generally more prepared to take risks. Upbringing is obviously very important in forming your attitude to the wodd. Some people are brought up to depend too much on others and grow up forever blaming other people when anything (7) wrong. Most optimists, on the (8)___________hand, have been brought up not to(9)__________failure as the end of the world - they just(10)__________ with their lives.

1. A. counted

B. expected

C. felt

D. waited

2. A. worries

B. cares

C. fears

D. doubts

3. A. with

B. against

C. about

D. over

4. A. judging

B. according

C. concerning

D. following

5. A. supply

B. suggest

C. offer

D. propose

6. A. possible

B. likely

C. hopeful

D. welcome

7. A. goes

B. fails

C. comes

D. turns

8. A. opposite

B. next

C. other

D. far

9. A. regard

B. respect

C. suppose

D. think

10. A. get up

B. get on

C. get out

D. get over

2. Read the text. Then choose True (T)/ False (F)/ NOT GIVEN (NG) statements.

I am interested in this job because I am currently looking for an opportunity to use the skills I learnt in my college. I have recently completed a 16-week part-time accounting course (AAT Level 2Certificate). The course covered book-keeping, recording income and receipts and basic costing. We used a wide range of computer packages, and I picked up the accounting skills easily. I was able to work alone with very little extra help. I passed the course with merit. I believe my success was due to my thorough work, my numeracy skills and my attention to detail. During the course, I had experience of working to deadlines and working under pressure. Although this was sometimes stressful, I always completed my work on time.

Unfortunately, the course did not include a work placement, so I have not practised my skills in a business setting, and I am now looking for an opportunity to do so. I am particularly looking for a job in a small company such as yours, as I believe I will be able to interact with a wider range of people, and as a result, learn more skills. I would like to progress within a company and gain more responsibilities over the years.

Although I do not have work experience in finance, I have experience in working in an office environment. Before starting the accounting course, I worked for 6 months in a recruitment office as a receptionist. My duties involved meeting and greeting clients and visitors, taking phone calls, audio and copy typing and checking stock. I also had to keep the petty cash and mail records. Through this work, I developed my verbal and written communication skills. I had to speak confidently to strangers and deliver clear messages. I enjoyed working in a team environment. I believe the office appreciated my friendly manner and efficient work.







1.The candidate has a university degree in accounting

2. The candidate worked with an accounting firm as a receptionist

3. The candidate is familiar with some accounting software.

4. The candidate has worked as part of a team in an office environment.

5. The candidate has experience of record-keeping

6. The candidate has a Maths qualification.

7. The candidate intends to study further accounting course.

8. The candidate believes herself to be a careful worker.

9. Deadlines do not stress the candidate.

10. The candidate is applying for a job in a large firm.


1. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentences written before it. Use Although/ In spite of/ Despite/ Even though.

1. Although Tom was a poor student, he studied very well.

→ In spite of________________________________________________________

2. Although she said that she would come, I don't think she ever will.

→ In spite_________________________________________________

3. Although she has a physical handicap, she has become a success u

→ Despite__________________________________________________

4. In spite of the high prices, my daughter insists on going to the

→ Even though______________________________________________

5. In spite of his good salary, Jack gave up his job.

→ Although_________________________________________________

2. Choose the correct forms of the verbs given to complete the sentences:

1. Police found the woman to lie/lying dead on the floor.

2. We had arranged to meet/meeting in my office so that we could check the documents.

3. Thank you for invite/ inviting me to come and see you next month. rm already excited about to see/ seeing you.

4. She would like him to wear/wearing a tie because they are going to a concert.

5. I planned to visit/ visiting my parents last week, but they suggested to postpone/ postponing the visit for a week because they haven't finished to decorate/ decorating the spare room.

6. I need to know/ knowing the letter. Why don't you let me read/ reading it ?

7. I congratulated Ann on to pass/ passing the exam. She spent a lot of time studying /to study

8. I don't mind to walk/ walking but I'd rather get a taxi.

9. Did 1 really tell you I was unhappy? I don't remember saving/ to saythat.

10. They don't have much money. They can't afford to go/ going often.

3. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentences written before it. Do not change the word given in any way.

1. They are telling me that I must make a decision soon. (pressure)


2. My sister was offended when she was left out of the English dub. (exception)


3. The English actor Oliver Reed was often rude to people although he was always kind to animals. (being)


4. By chance I saw your younger brother yesterday.(happened)


5. I would like you to help me to put the chairs away. (mind)


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