Kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 6 Viet Nam Then And Now

Ôn tập Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 6: Viet Nam Then And Now năm học 2018 - 2019

Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Unit 6 Tiếng Anh lớp 9 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 theo từng Unit mới nhất trên Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh gồm 20 câu trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp học sinh lớp 9 ôn tập Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh quan trọng trong Unit 6 hiệu quả.

Một số tài liệu để học tốt Tiếng Anh lớp 9 khác:

Choose the correct answer for each following question.

1. It’s _____ to see how the school used to look.

A. fascinate

B. fascinates

C. fascinated

D. fascinating

2. You can see there were only a few classrooms and the walls were made _____ mud and straw.

A. in

B. of

C. from

D. by

3. I think that was during the war _____ it was necessary to have the trenches right there.

A. but

B. if

C. or

D. so

4. I can’t imagine how _____ in such poor conditions!

A. those students can study

B. those students could study

C. can those students study

D. could those students study

5. We have everything ….comfortable classrooms, learning facilities ______ computer rooms.

A. like

B. such as

C. as

D. same as

6. We’re _____ these days… But, I’m not sure our grades are better…

A. many luckier

B. much luckier

C. more lucky

D. most lucky

7. The school _____ by paddy fields.

A. was initially surrounding

B. initially was surrounding

C. was initially surrounded

D. initially was surrounded

8. There has been a _____ increase in people’s income over the last ten years.

A. gradual

B. gradually

C. slightly

D. dramatically

9. A _____ is a bridge that carries one road over another one.

A. tram

B. skytrain

C. flyover

D. tunnel

10. The clanging sound of the Ha Noi _____ in the 1970s has gone deep into people’s collective memory.

A. tram

B. skytrain

C. flyover

D. tunnel

11. She lived in a(n) _____ family, so she didn’t have much privacy.

A. nuclear family

B. extended family

C. family nuclear

D. family extended

12. We live in a(n) _____ family with only my parents and me.

A. nuclear family

B. extended family

C. family nuclear

D. family extended

13 _____ used to be an image associated with our soldiers in the past.

A. Leather shoes

B. Rubber sandals

C. Boots

D. Sneakers

14. Before the invention of television, people _____ films at the cinema.

A. have only seen

B. has only seen

C. had only seen

D. will only see

15. Everyone was _____ that the government had decided to invest more in education.

A. sorry

B. confident

C. glad

D. afraid

16. Ten years later, when I came back, the city_____, with 800,000 motorbikes and two million bicycles on the roads.

A. had dramatical changed

B. had dramatically changed

C. dramatical had changed

D. dramatically had changed

17. In 1995, I went back to Viet Nam after 30 years and to my _____, the population was three times higher but the country no longer suffered illiteracy.

A. surprise

B. surprises

C. surprised

D. surprising

18. Viet Nam _____decades of fighting for freedom before the country became totally independent.

A. experience

B. have experienced

C. will experience

D. had experienced

19. It was _____ to be able to solve the maths problem.

A. unprofessional of her

B. kind of her

C. brave of her

D. smart of her

20. Before the 1990s, trams _____ a popular means of transport in Ha Noi.

A. are

B. have been

C. had been

D. will be

Key: 1. D 2. B 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. A

11. B 12. A 13. B 14. C 15. C 16. B 17. A 18. D 19. D 20. C

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