Từ vựng - bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 10: Health and Hygiene

Từ vựng - bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 10

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A. Language Focus:

  • Past simple tense
  • Imperatives

B. Vocabulary:

Section A: Personal hygiene

1. harvest (v,n): thu hoạch, mùa gặt

2. helpful (adj): giúp ích

3. take care of = look after (v): chăm sóc, trông nom

4. iron (v): là, ủi quần áo

5. own (adj): riêng, cá nhân

6. be bad for (v): có hại cho

7. advise (v): khuyên

=> advice (n): lời khuyên

8. change (v): thay đổi

9. probably (adj): có lẽ

10. brush (v, n): chải, bàn chải

11. comb (v, n): chải đầu, cái lược

12. take exercise (v): tập thể dục

13. suitable (adj): thích hợp

14. strange (adj): lạ, xa lạ

15. tidy (adj): ggọn gàng, sạch sẽ

Section B: A bad toothache

1. toothache (n): đau răng

2. dentist (n): nha sĩ

3. have an appointment with (v): có cuộc hẹn với....

4. be scared of (adj): sợ = be afraid of

5. hate (v): ghét

6. drill (n): cái khoan

7. fill (v): lấp chỗ trống/ hàn (răng)

8. cavity (n): lỗ răng sâu

9. surgery (n): phòng phẫu thuật

10. check (v): kiểm tra

11. smile (at) (v): mỉm cười

12. serious (adj): nghiêm trọng

13. less …than (adv): ít … hoưn

14. touch (v): sờ, đụng đến

15. explain (v): giải thích

C. Exercises:

I. Supply the correct tense or form of the verbs in the brackets:

1. She never _______________________ up late at night. (stay)

2. My mother _______________________ flowers in the garden at the moment. (plant)

3. Why ________________ you _________________ the party early last night? (leave)

4. Minh _______________________ to the dentist tomorrow morning. (go)

5. I _____________ (brush) my teeth every night, but last night I ____________ (forget) to brush them.

6. My sister _______________________ the dishes after dinner last night. (clean)

7. She _______________________ to school yesterday because she was sick. (not, go)

8. Our parents _______________________ here tomorrow night. (be)

9. Cuc practices _______________________ the piano every Sunday. (play)

10. She’d like _______________________ her Mom when she’s free. (help)

11. I like _______________________ English in school. (learn)

12. Phuong _______________________ aerobics yesterday morning. (do)

II. Give the correct form of the word in the brackets:

1. He is a _______________________ person. (help)

2. My tooth is very _______________________ now. (pain)

3. Clean teeth are _______________________ teeth. (health)

4. You should clean your teeth _______________________. (regular)

5. We are _______________________ about the final exam. (worry)

6. She always washes and irons her clothes _______________________. (careful)

7. I’m _______________________ of hearing the ghost stories. (scare)

8. The people are very _______________________. (friend)

III. Choose the best answer for the blank:

1. I received a letter _______________________ your aunt last week.

A. on B. in C. from D. at

2. Her brother is taking morning _______________________ now.

A. hygiene B. exercises C. breakfast D. homework

3. Don’t eat candy or stay _______________________ late.

A. from B. with C. up D. for

4. We are very happy _______________________ the final exam.

A. pass B. to pass C. passing D. passed

5. They always _______________________ their teeth after meals.

A. comb B. wash C. do D. brush

6. Don’t worry about me, Mom. I know how to take _________________ of myself.

A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless

7. You must _______________________ to bed early.

A. go B. went C. going D. to go

8. She’s looking _______________________ in the mirror.

A. himself B. herself C. myself D. itself

9. I hope you _______________________ me after the harvest.

A. visits B. visiting C. will visit D. visited

10. ______________ did she go to the dentist last week? – She had a toothache.

A. When B. What C. Why D. Who

11. You shouldn’t eat too much sweet things _____________ it’s not good for your health.

A. because B. because of C. so D. why

12. I hope that she _______________ better soon.

A. feel B. feels C. to feel D. feeling

13. She had to work _______________.

A. hard B. hardly C. difficult D. difficulty

14. I was really happy _______________ Mark again yesterday.

A. A see B. to see C. seeing D. to seeing

15. Few people like _______________ on the farm.

A. work B. to work C. working D. both B and C

16. He’s really bad _______________ History.

A. in B. to C. at D. for

17. Her mother wanted her _______________ up early.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. to getting

18. I think you don’t have to worry _______________ that.

A. of B. to C. for D. about

19. The dentist smiled _______________ him kindly.

A. with B. at C. to D. on

20. I have a toothache so I’m going to the _______________.

A. nurse B. doctor C. dentist D. teacher

21. We ought not to eat too much candy because it’s bad _____________ us.

A. with B. at C. of D. for

22. Baker is very _________________. She can do a lot of things.

A. useful B. helpful C. beautiful D. full

23. I’m glad ________________ you are well.

A. hear B. heard C. to hear D. hearing

24. My younger sister ________________ a toothache last week.

A. has B. is having C. had D. will have

25. They are working hard ________________ the farm now.

A. in B. on C. at D. of

IV. Circle the word or phrase that is not standard in English:

1. His tooth hurts so sometimes he forgets to brush his teeth. A B C D

2. He doesn’t know how to take care for himself. A B C D

3. I’ll be happy seeing you any day next week. A B C D

4. You shouldn’t forget comb your hair before you go out. A B C D

5. After the dentist filled his tooth, it stopped hurt immediately. A B C D

6. Children are usually scared for seeing the dentist. A B C D

7. Her brothers like play tennis every weekend. A B C D

8. You should remember brushing your teeth everyday. A B C D

9. His mother wanted him to not eat too much cake. A B C D

10. When did you have to go to the doctor yesterday? A B C D


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