Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 7: Your house - Lesson 2

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 7: Your house - Lesson 2 được VnDoc sưu tầm và giới thiệu để có thể chuẩn bị giáo án và bài giảng hiệu quả, giúp quý thầy cô tiết kiệm thời gian và công sức làm việc. Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 6 này được soạn phù hợp quy định Bộ Giáo dục và nội dung súc tích giúp học sinh dễ dàng hiểu bài học hơn.

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By the end of this lesson, Ss will be able to:

  • describe a house, a town and things around them.
  • ask and answer questions abouts around the house.
  • -evise structures: What is that? / What are those? To ask and answer about things around the house.

Language focus: Vocabulary


clinic shops

post office

super market

Grammar: Present simple

Skills: 4 skills

Ps Ss have great passion for studying


Leeson plan, English book visual aids, projector, laptop, speaker…….

C. METHODS: T/ WhC, pair, group, individual work


I. Organization:(1’)

II. Warmer (4’)


Ask ss some questions

III. New lesson:

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

Step 1. Presentation; (12’)

Vocabulary: Slap the Board

(a) bank (n); ngân hàng (visual )

(a) clinic (n); trạm y tế, phòng khám tư (explain)

-shops(n) cửa hàng, cửa hiệu (visual)

(a) post office (n) bưu điện (visual)

(a) supermarket (n) siêu thị (visual )

- Introduces the words by explaining the meaning, using the situation.

- Reads the words for the modal (3 times). Then helps SS to repeat (2 times).

- Checks S’s reading in individual & corrects the mistakes.

- Writes the words on the Bb & checks the meaning & the pronunciation.

- Corrects & asks Ss to copy the words

Introduces the model sentence & helps Ss to practice.

Step 2. Practice (17’)

Picture drill

S1: what is that?

S2: it’s a hotel

S1: Is there a hotel near your house?

S2: no, there isn’t


Listening: (A5. P75)

- Ask ss to run through the pictures and describe it.

- Ask ss to listen and decide which picture is described.

- T gives feedback.

Step 3: Production: (8’)

Guessing game:

- T. asks sts to choose one of the houses and keep it secrete.

- T. calls one st to the front of the class and the other sts must ask questions to guess the picture. The student who guesses correctly is the next one up.

Eg : - Are there any trees? Yes, there are/ No, ..

- Are they behind your house?

- Is there a lake?

- Is it in front of your house? .........

Repeating the words in chorus & in individual.

- Correcting the mistakes.

- Giving the meaning & the pronunciation.

- Copying the words.

Model sentence:

*Is there a yard ?


- Yes, there is.

- No, there isn’t.

*Are there any flowers?


– Yes, there are.

– No, there aren’t.


Picture: c

There are some mountains behind the house

IV. SUMMARY(2 mins)

  • Is there/ Are there...............?
  • Town vocabulary.

V. HOMEWORK(1 mins)

Discribe the pictures a), b), c) on page 74.

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