Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 1: Greetings - Lesson 2

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 1: Greetings - Lesson 1

Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 1: Greetings - Lesson 3


1. Knowledge.

  • At the end of this lesson, helps Ss to:
  • Know how to ask about health ,to say thank someone
  • Structrures: How + be + S? /S + be + fine
  • Vocab: How, fine, thank, am, is, are.

2. Skills: Using all 4 skills.

3. Attitudue: Ps have a good habit of communication by English.


1. Teacher: Teaching plan, English book visual aids.

2. Students: Books, notebooks….

C. TEACHING METHODS. T/whC, pair, group,individual



Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

II.Warm-up: (4’)

T. Hello

P. Hi

T. How are you?

P. I am fine, thank you

III. New lesson:

Step 1: Presentation: 10’.

* Vocab:

-Fine (adj):

- are (v):

- Thanks (v)

- You

-and you? (situation)

Mr + (name of man)

Mrs + (name of woman)

Miss + name of woman

* Presents the content of the picture in part A5

What do people often ask after greeting

and introduce name?

- Oh, so do Lan and Ba, they also ask about


- Writes on the board a mis dialogue

and asks Ss to rearrange into the correct order.

- Asks Ss to listen to the tape twice and rearrange

the dialogue

- Lets Ss to listen to again and calls 2 Ss to give their answers

- Gets Ss to correct the mistakes by themseves.

- Has Ss to open their books and compare with their answers.

Which qustion does Lan ask about health of

Lan? What about answer?

- Lets Ss to give out structure to ask about health.

- Requests Ss to make examples base on struture.

Step 2: Practice 12’

- Asks ps to play the roles Ba and Lan to paractise the dialogue part A5 (2 pairs)

- Use pictures in part A6 to set the scene and asks.

Are Hoa and Hung older than Nam and Nga?

When you meet the older people as teacher, uncle… how do you greet? In this part We’ll study how to greet older people.

- Gets Ss to practice part A6.

Guides: P1's: Miss Hoa

P2's: Mr Hung

P3's: …..

- Asks Ss to work in pairs.

- Corrects the mistakes if necessary.

- Guides how to do.

Step 3: Production: 10’

+ Writing

- Calls on one student to repeat the structures of greeting and asking about health

- Lets Ss to write by themselves.

- Asks Ss to read out their writing

(three pairs)

- Corrects.

+ Put the sentences in the correct order

-fine I thanks am

-Ba are hello you how?

-my is Hoa name hi

-am hello I Mai

IV. Summary: 3’

How do you say if you want to ask about one's health?

How about the answer?

V. Home work

- Learn by heart all structures

- Do exercises 3, 4 in workbook (page 5).

- Prepare next period (part B 1 - 4).

Listen and repeat

-copy down

Look at the picture

Asking about health.

Họ thường hỏi nhau về sức khoẻ

* Put the dialogue into the correct order.

Ba: Fine,thanks. 1

Lan: I’m fine,and you? 2

Ba: Hi,Lan 3

Lan: Hello,Ba 4

Ba: How are you? 5

– Answers: 3-4-5-1-2

? S1: How are you?

? S2: I’m fine.

Asking about one’s health

How + be + S?

S + be + fine

Note: Khi không muốn nhắc lại câu hỏi của người mà trước đã đề cập tới ta có thể dùng

“And you? ”


S1: How are you?

S2: I’am fine, thanks.

And you?

S1: Fine, thanks.

- Practice. (Pair work)

S1: Lan: ……

S2: Ba: ……

Practice in pairs

Eg: S1: Hello, Mr Hai

S2: Hello, Mrs Thuy

S3: Hello, Miss Huong

- Practice. (Pair work)

Pair 1: P1: Hello, Mr Hung

P2: Hello, Miss

P1:How are you?

P2: I'am fune, thanks, and you?

P1: I'am fine, thanks.

Pair 2: P1: Hi, Nam

P2: Hi, Nga


Hello (Hi), Lan, how are you?

I'm fine

Name: Hello, lan. How are you?

Lan: Hi, I'm fine, thanks. And you?

Nam: I'm fine, thanks

How are you?

I'm fine. thanks

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