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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 14: Making plans - Lesson 2

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Aims: Help Ss to improve some skills: reading and speaking.

A. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:

  • take note the main ideas of a passage.
  • ask and answer about others’ vacation.

B. Language content:

* Vocab: first / then / next / after that / finally

* Grammar: Future: be going to

C. Preparations: Text-book, lesson plan, cassette, disc

Ways of working: T-WC, individual-work, pair-work, group work.

Anticipated problems:

  • It’s rather difficult for weak Ss to make a table of note.
  • Solution: Have good Ss do first as the model, then encourage weak Ss do the same.

D. Procedure

I/ Organization: (1') - Greeting

Checking attendance

II/ Warm-up: (5')

Odd one out

1. vaication

2. citaldel

3. viszit

4. sitay

5. anunt

The keys:

1. vacation

2. citadel

3. visit

4. stay

5. aunt

Ask and answer about summer vacation.

III/ New lesson(37')


Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

1. Presentation. (10')


first: trước tiên

next: kế tiếp

then: sau đó

after that: kế tiếp sau

finally: cuối cùng

grandfather (n): ông nội/ngoại

grandmother (n): bà nội/ngoại

2. Pratice. (17')

A4. Listen and read.

A5. Practice.

Make a table ...

Ask and answer...

1) Which place are Phuong and Mai going to visit (first)?

2) Where are they going to stay?

3) How long are they going to stay?

4) What are they going to do?

3. Production. (10')

-Introduce new words



-give synonym

-give synonym




-Check Ss’ learning

-Set the scene:

Phuong and Mai are going to visit five places in their summer vacation . Where are they going to go first? second? third? fourth? and finally? Let’s guess.

-Asks Ps to open the books and listen.

-Let Ss read the text.

-Explain the request.

-Ask Ss to complete the table.

-Check and correct.

-Let Ss ask and answer about the table.

-Correct Ss’ mistakes.

-Let Ss do the same.

-Ask Ss to ask and answer about partners’ vacation.

-Check and correct.

-Guess the meaning of new words and take note.

-Read as T’s guiding

-Write the meaning on the board

-Guess the order of the places that Phuong and Mai go in their vacation.

-Listen and check the prediction.

-Read one by one.

-Give final answers.


-Read the text and make a table about Phuong and Mai’s vacation.

-Exchange the tables with partners.


-Practice in pairs.


-Make own table.

-Practice in pairs.


IV/ Consolidation:(1')

Ask Ss to retell the lesson.

V/ Homework:(1')

  • Do exIII.Reading in ex-book.
  • Prepare next lesson: Unit 14: B1->4.

The table of A5.

Places to visit

Where to stay

How long

What to do?




After that


Ha Long Bay



Nha Trang


aunt and uncle


with friends

friend’s house


2 days

3 days

2 days

3 days

a week

visit HLB

see Nson temple

see the Citadel

go to NT beach

visit grandparents

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