Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 8 English Speaking Countries

Ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 8: English Speaking Countries

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I. Circle the word marked A, B, C or D with a different stress pattern from the others.

1. A. accent

B. legend

C. icon

D. parade

2. A. schedule

B. unique

C. puzzle

D. awesome

3. A. absolutely

B. temperature

C. contamination

D. atmosphere

4. A. kangaroo

B. underground

C. radioactive

D. Aborigines

5. A. definition

B. improvement

C. population

D. celebration

II. Mark the stress in the underlined words.

1. I can’t speak Japanese but I love this country.

2. My uncle is a famous referee. He is very severe with player.

3. I have just bought a new laptop. It has three-year’s guarantee.

4. There are over twenty applicants for the job but he is the interviewee for this position.

5. All Vietnamese people love peace because they have undergone many aggressive wars.


I. Choose the right word/phrase and then write it under each picture


the United Kingdom


the USA


cattle station



English 8 Unit 8II. Put the words in brackets into the right forms to complete the sentences.

1. I like going to England to study English because I can practice English with ………. speakers. (non-native)

2. English is an ……… language in this country. (officially)

3. People in the south of my country speak the language with ……… accent. (differ)

4. Last summer holiday, my family went to Da Nang and Hoi An. We had a ………… time there. (wonder)

5. Why has she improved her English a lot? – Ah, she’s just come back from an English ……… country. (speak)

III. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. Singapore is famous for its …………. And green trees.

A. cleanliness

B. cleanly

C. cleaning

D. clean

2. On Christmas Eve, most big cities, especially London are ……………. with coloured lights across the streets and enormous Christmas trees.

A. decorated

B. hang

C. put

D. made

3. In the United State, there are 50 …………… and six different time zones across the country.

A. decorated

B. nations

C. towns

D. countries

4. I once tried to ………… apple pie when I was in London. It was really delicious.

A. do

B. cook

C. make

D. show

5. You should go to Canada in summer because it is the most popular time for visitors to ………….. Niagara Falls and see the beautiful sights there.

A. stay

B. look

C. tour

D. visit

6. Nowadays you still see the ……….. men wear kilts (skirts) to wedding or other formal occasions.

A. Scottish

B. Scotland

C. Scots

D. Scot

7. The USA has a population of about 304 million, and it’s the third ……… country in the world.

A. smallest

B. largest

C. narrowest

D. highest

8. In some English speaking countries, turkey and pudding are ……….. food at Christmas.

A. national

B. historical

C. traditional

D. possible

9. New Zealand ………… lovers of nature and fans of dangerous sports.

A. attracts

B. keeps

C. calls

D. asks

10. Queenstown in New Zealand has got beautiful ……… and a dry climate, so it’s ideal for outdoor activities.

A. look

B. viewing

C. atmosphere

D. scenery


I. Read the following paragraph and complete it which one suitable word in each blank.

I was very excited to know that I was going to Australia for a study tour (1) ……… four months. I didn’t think (2) …………… the problems of speaking English until I met my host family. At first, I couldn’t communicate (3) ………… them because my English was so bad. All the eight years I had been learning English wasn’t much used at all because we didn’t have real practice at school. Even (4) …………. my grammar was good, my pronunciation wasn’t. My problem is pronouncing “I’ and “n”. For (5) …………, I wanted to tell them that “I have lots of homework today,” but I said “I have nots of homework today,” so they misunderstood me. My host mum (6) ……….. me a lot by correcting my bad pronunciation. I usually practiced by talking to (7) …………… when I had a shower, so no one could hear me. After four months, my English was (8) …………. Better. Apart from English, I learnt to make my (9) ……….. breakfast and lunch. I had to ride a bicycle to school every day. I went swimming and tried sailing. Sometimes I also tried skiing. It was wonderful. But (10) ……….. most valuable thing was that I learnt to be by myself and to be independent.

II. Read the text and answer the questions below

In Canada and the United States, one of the most popular days in the year is Halloween. Halloween is on October 31st. It’s a day when some people dress up in strange or unusual costumes. For example, they may dress up to look like an animal, a person from a book or movie or a famous person from history. In some places, children go to school in their Halloween costumes. After dark, many young children put on their costumes and visit their neighbours. They knock on the door and shout “Trick or treat!”, then the neighbours give them some candy or chocolate, and the children go on to the next house. Adults also enjoy dressing up for Halloween. There are usually Halloween parties in the evening and usually there is a prize for the best or most unusual costume.

1. What is one of the most popular days in the year in Canada and the United States?

2. Who do some people dress up to look like on Halloween?

3. What do some children in some places in Canada and the United States wear when they go to school on Halloween?

4. What do many young children do in the Halloween’s evening?

5. What are usually there in the Halloween’s evening?

III. Choose the correct word A, B, C or D for each gap to complete the following passage.

Ball Games

It’s summer and a stadium in the USA is full (1) ……… 40,000 excited fans. Suddenly everyone stands up and sings the American (2) ………. anthem. The game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox is going to (3) ………… soon. The game? Baseball of course!

Modern baseball (4) ………… in the USA and the sport is an important part of American life. Traditionally people go to a game with all their family. It’s very (5) ………, sociable and noisy, and spectators eat, drink and sing during the game.

The Yankees and the Red Sox are (6) ………… teams. There are also professional baseball leagues in Asia and Latin America. It’s an Olympic sport, too.

In England, a few thousand supporters are sitting in the rain. There aren’t any players on the pitch. They’ll continue the match (7) …………… it stops raining. If it doesn’t stop, neither team will win or lose-it’ll be a draw. What’s the sport? Cricket!

Although England is the (8) ……….. of cricket, the places where cricket is most popular are hot and sunny – Australia, South Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. A cricket match (9) ………. for a long time – sometimes five days – and each day there are breaks for lunch and tea! However, now there is few, faster version of cricket called Twenty20. There’s pop music and the (10) ………. at the ground is more exciting. Some people think that Twenty20 will replace traditional cricket one day.

1. A. in

B. on

C. of

D. up

2. A. national

B. nation

C. nationality

D. nationally

3. A. have

B. start

C. show

D. go

4. A. took

B. started

C. began

D. originated

5. A. interested

B. relaxing

C. tired

D. bored

6. A. profession

B. professionally

C. professional

D. professionalize

7. A. unless

B. where

C. if

D. Though

8. A. home

B. place

C. area

D. house

9. A. carries

B. takes

C. makes

D. lasts

10. A. air

B. atmosphere

C. feeling

D. surroundings


I. Make up sentences using the words and phrases given

Example: every year/ students/ many/ countries/ learn/ English.

Every year students in many countries learn English.

1. USA/ enormous/ country/,/ more/ than/ 2 times/ the size/ of/ European Union/.

2. USA/ is/ land/ of/ extremes/./ It’s/ both/ one/ of/ hottest/ and/ coldest/ places/ world/.

3. about/ half/ of/ Australia’s population/ go/ to/ one/ of/ fantastic/ events/ on Australia Day/.

4. the/ other/ half/ of/ Australia’s population/ celebrate/ Australia Day/ home/ or/ beach/ with/ their/ family/ and/ friend/.

5. they/ have/ barbecues/ and/ they/ watch/ Australian of the Year Award/ television/.

II. Rewrite the following sentences so that their meaning stays the same, using the words given.

1. I have one new American friend. At the first days, I didn’t understand what he asked me but now it’s OK. (found)

2. Have you made any friend from English speaking countries? (acquaintance)

3. Australians use English as their mother tongue so they are native speakers. (because)

4. Can you name the countries that speak English as their official language? (What)

5. New Zealand and Australia both have coasts around their countries. (surrounded)

III. There are ten mistakes in this passage. Can you find and correct them?

Research has show that over half the children in Britain who take their own lunches to school do not eat properly in the middle on the day. In Britain, schools have to provide meals at lunchtime. Children can chose to bring their own food or have lunch at the school canteen.

One shocking finding of this research is that school meals are many healthier than lunches prepared by parents. There are strict standards for the preparation of school meals, which have to include one piece of fruit and one of vegetables, as well like meat, a dairy item and starchy food like bread or pasta. Lunchboxes examined by researchers contained sweet drinks, crisps and chocolate bar. Children consume twice as much sugar as they should at lunchtime.

The research will provides a better understanding of why the percentage of overweight students in Britain have increased in the last decade. Unfortunately, the government cannot criticize parents, but it can remind them of the nutritional value of milk, fruit and vegetables. Small changes in their children’s diet can affect their future healthy. Children can easy develop bad eating habits at this age, and parents are the only ones who can prevent it.



I. Circle the word marked A, B, C or D with a different stress pattern from the others.

1 - D; 2 - B; 3 - C; 4 - D; 5 - B;

II. Mark the stress in the underlined words.

1 - Japa'nese; 2 - refe'ree; 3 - guaran'tee; 4 - interview'ee; 5 - Vietna'mese;


I. Choose the right word/phrase and then write it under each picture

1 - parade; 2 - Canada; 3 - the USA;

4 - monument; 5 - loch; 6 - cattle station;

II. Put the words in brackets into the right forms to complete the sentences.

1 - native; 2 - official; 3 - different; 4 - wonderful; 5 - speaking;

III. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1 - A; 2 - A; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 - D;

6 - A; 7 - B; 8 - C; 9 - A; 10 - D;


I. Read the following paragraph and complete it which one suitable word in each blank.

1 - for; 2 - about; 3 - with; 4 - though; 5 - example;

6 - helped; 7 - myself; 8 - much; 9 - own; 10 - the;

III. Choose the correct word A, B, C or D for each gap to complete the following passage.

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.B

6.C 7.C 8.A 9.D 10.B

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