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Bài tập Tiếng Anh Unit 5 lớp 8 Festivals in Vietnam nâng cao có đáp án gồm các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 được giáo viên VnDoc biên soạn, giúp học sinh học tập môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 tốt hơn, chuẩn bị cho bài kiểm tra kì 1 lớp 8.

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Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 5 Festivals in Vietnam có đáp án được biên tập bám sát chương trình SGK tiếng Anh lớp 8 tập 1 giúp học sinh lớp 8 ôn tập lại Từ vựng, Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh unit 5 Festivals in Vietnam chuẩn bị cho các bài kiểm tra tiếng Anh 8 đạt kết quả cao.

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  • Exercise 1: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Exercise 2: Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D
    1. Mid-Autumn Festival not only recalls the family love, _________ is also a festival for both children and adults in Vietnam.
  • 2. Lim Festival is among the most impressive festivals, ceremonies _________ singing events.
  • 3. Festival visitors can take part in cultural activities, such as visiting art galleries, historical places and parks. _________, they can taste exotic food and dishes.
  • 4. _________ there are loads of festivals in Vietnam, Tet or Tet Nguyen Dan is the most important one.
  • 5. ________ the first footer has a good reputation and success, the family believes that they will receive luck and good fortune throughout the year.
  • 6. The Hung King Temple Festival _______ from the 8th to the 11th day of the third lunar month in Phu Tho.
  • 7. You shouldn’t ___________ your promise to the children.
  • 8. I think the Kate Festival is a really joyful festival which _______ many activities.
  • 10. _________ different regions and religious have a variety in marital arrangements, the arranged is a traditional feature of every community.
  • Exercise 3: supply the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets
    1. Hung King Temple Festival ____________(become) one of the greatest national festivals in Viet Nam for a long time.
    has become
  • 2. While we ________(play) some folk games at the festival, it started to rain heavily.
    were playing
  • 3. ____________ lanterns feature special heritage night at Hoi An. (float)
  • 4. ____________for the Lunar New Year begin weeks before the festival. (prepare)
  • 5. Duong recommended Peter ____________(attend) the Hue Festival.
    to attend
  • Exercise 4: Choose the word which best fits each gap
    Elephant Racing Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Tay Nguyen, is held (1)________ in the third lunar month.

    As preparation for the festival, villagers (2)________ their elephants with a wide range of food apart from grass, including corns, sugar canes, sweet potatoes, papayas, and bananas. Also, in order to preserve their strength, the elephants take a rest (3)________ hard work.

    On the day of the event, elephants from several villages (4)________ at Don Village. Each time, ten elephants will run at the same time for about one or two kilometers. The competition is guided by the sound of tu va, a kind of horn. The first elephant (5)________ reaches the appointed destination will receive a laurel wreath as a sign of victory, and it will enjoy the achievement excitedly with sugar canes and bananas from surrounding people. (6)________ finishing the race at Don Village, the elephants move to Serepok River for competition – swimming. They also participate in games (7)________ football and tug of war.

    At the end of the festive day, all festival goers mass at Don Village’s community house for feasting, drinking stem wine, and dancing in a jubilant (8)________ with the boisterous sound of gongs and drums.

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • Read the text carefully and then choose the correct answers.

    Tran Temple Festival, one of the largest annual spring festivals in Vietnam, is held on the 14th night and 15th day of the first lunar month at the national historical complex of the Tran Kings’ shrines and tombs in Tien Duc Commune, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh province. It usually begins with an incense-offering rite at the kings’ tombs and a ritual for the opening of the gates of Den Thanh (Thanh Temple), Den Mau (Mother Temple) and the Tran Kings’ shrines. They are followed by a ‘water procession’, in which people will carry nine ornate palanquins with memorial plaques of the Kings of the Tran Dynasty and members of their royal families. A series of folk games are also organized during the festival, such as a rice-cooking challenge, clay firecrackers, chung cake wrapping and tug of war, alongside traditional performances and sport games including lion dances, dragon dances, cheo and chau van singing, human chess, wrestling and martial arts.

    The Tran Temple Festival was recognized as a national intangible heritage in 2014. The historical complex of the Tran Kings’ shrines and tombs received special national relic status last year.

  • 1. How often is the Tran Temple Festival held?
  • 2. The Tran Temple Festival usually begins with ________.
  • 3. The word ‘they’ in the passage refers to ________.
  • 4. What does ‘plaque’ mean?
  • 5. Which of the followings is not organized in the festival?
  • 6. Based on the information in the text, which statement is false?
  • 7. Which of the followings is not mentioned in the text?
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