Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 8 Out And About

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 8 Out And About

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Giải bài tập SGK Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 8: Out and About

Bài tập tự luận Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 8 Out And About

Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 8: Out and About

I. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer in correct.

1. What's your______Mrs. Clark?

- I'm a teacher.

A. occupation B. hobby

C. address D. name

2. When_____the show start?

A. is B. are

C. does D. do

3. Which word is the odd one out?

A. June B. Thursday

C. September D. January

4. Which word has three syllables?

A. traffic B. accident

C. footstall D. farmer

5. My little brother_____ the piano in his room now.

A. play B. playing

C. plays D. is playing

6. My sister____swimming every day.

A. go B. going

C. goes D. is going

7. You can use my laptop. I______it every day but now I___it.

A. use/ not using B. using/ not use

C. use/ and not using D. am using/ don't use

8. Complete the square




A. tea B. boil

C. warm D. fire

9. Put the word "never" in the right place in the following sentence.

They (A) do (B) their (C) homework (D) after dinner.

10. Which sentence is correct?

A. What Mr. Brown doing now?

B. Now Mr. Brown doing what?

C. What is Mr. Brown doing now?

D. Now Mr. Brown is doing what?

11. How many syllables are there in the word ahead?

A. one B. two

C. three D. four

12. ________

- It says "You cannot park here"

A. Is that a road sign? B. What is a road sign?

C. Is there a road sign? D. What does that road sign say?

13. _________

- He's going to the cinema.

A. Does Ted often go to the cinema?

B. How is Ted going to the cinema?

C. Where's Ted going?

D. What are they doing?

14. Fran_____before school, but this morning she's jogging.

A. often is swimming B. is often swimming

C. often swim D. often swims

15. Water______at 100oC.

A. boil B. boils

C. boiling D. is boiling

16. - Are you taking a music class this semester?

- Yes, I_______.

A. take B. am taking

C. do D. am

17. The bag is so big. How much______?

A. weigh B. is it weighing

C. it weighs D. does it weigh

18. Which verb changes to-ies in the third person?

A. copy B. correct

C. turn D. drive

19. Hung works all the time. He______.

A. never relaxes B. often relaxes

C. relaxes never D. relaxes usually

20. Do you like playing tennis?

- Yes, I ______

A. am B. Do

C. don't D. like

21. Walk!________run!

A. Nothing B. No

C. Don't D. You don't

II. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer in correct.

1. What______these days?

A. are you doing B. you do

C. you are doing D. you do

2. Where_______?

A. does Helen live B. Helen lives

C. Helen does live D. she living

3. _______are you waiting for?

- My father.

A. How B. Who

C. Where D. When

4. - I like vegetables

- Me_______

A. either B. neither

C. too D. do too

5. _______cooking dinner tonight?

A. Whose B. Who's

C. Who are D. Who does

6. Which word contains a different sound from the others?

A. riding B. writing

C. liking D. mixing

7. Complete the square




A. plenty B. full

C. complete D. whole

8. Which word is the odd one out?

A. begin B. start

C. close D. commence

9. Who often washes the dishes?

- My sister_______

A. is B. washes

C. does D. is washing

10. Who_____with your homework?

- My father.

A. help you B. does you help

C. you help D. help you

11. Would you close the window, please?

- ________

A. Certainly B. No, I can't

C. Yes, I can D. Yes, I could

12. Why_______a movie tonight?

A. about seeing B. don't we see

C. not see D. we don't see

13. Would you mind_____me tomorrow?

A. call B. calling

C. to call D. if you call

14. Which word is the odd one out?

A. carry B. lift

C. raise D. drop

15. It's really late, so let's_______go out for dinner tonight.

A. we B. _____

C. us D. our

16. Most people sleep____eight hours a night.

A. in B. on

C. at D. for

17. I go to the bathroom and have a shower but I don't______my hair.

A. wash B. sweep

C. mend D. repair

18. Match the adjective shy with its opposite

A. ugly B. lively

C. outgoing D. slow

Look at the sign in each question and choose the correct explaination.

19. No bicycles against glass please

A. Do not leave your bike touching the window.

B. Do not ride your bike in this area

C. Broken glass may damage your bicycale tires.

D. Your bike may not be safe here.

20. Smoking is permitted if all agree.

A. You may smoke only if everybody agrees.

B. Everyone agrees not to smoke.

C. Go outside if you want to smoke.

D. Nobody minds if you smoke.

21. This car park is locked after business hours each day.

A. Users must lock the car park after leaving.

B. People can park here while they are at work.

C. This car park is for employees only.

D. Business visitors may leave their cars for the evening.

22. Will the last person to leave please switch off the lights.

A. Don't turn the lights off.

B. Switch the lights on when you're in the room.

C. Do not leave the lights on if the room is empty.

D. Leave the lights on when you go.

23. Please be quite in the hospital car park Patients may be asleep near here.

A. No parking here for the hospital.

B. Drive slowly to avoid patients.

C. Try not wake patients.

D. Only patients may park here.

III. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. George_______video games now.

A. plays B. playing

C. play D. is playing

2. - Who's that?


A. It's a balloon B. They're balloons

C. That's Brad C. Those are my children

3. Mr. Hung is _______.

A. businessman B. a businessman

C. businessmen D. a businessmen.

4. Which word contains a different sound froom the others?

A. come B. streering

C. come D. some

5. Nam is _____ his bike.

A. driving B. steering

C. rowing D. riding

6. _______

- They'are walking to school

A. Who are they?

B. Where are they going?

C. When do they go to school?

D. Do they go to school on Saturdays?

7. How many syllables are there in the word intersection?

A. three B. four

C. five D. six

8. I"m waiting_______ the train.

A. For B. to

C. as D. about

9. - ________

- They're singing.

A. How are they doing? B. What are they doing

C. How do they do? D. what do they do?

10. - _______

- By bike.

A. How is she traveling? B. Where is she going?

C. What does she do? D. What's that?

11. It's five o'clock______the afternoon.

A. at B. on

C. in D. about

12. His father is ______.

A. taxi B. driver taxi

C. a taxi D. a taxi driver

13. Complete the square.




A. another B. that

C. different D. ours

14.______is waiting?

- Fred is

A. Where B. What

C. Why C. Who

15. Mr. Binh is driving______Hanoi.

A. at B. until

C. to D. reach

16. They're loading the truck_____fruits.

A. with B. in

C. over D. on.

17. - Are Minh and Trung doing their math exercises?

- Yes, ________.

A. there're B. they are

C. they're D. there are

18. Are the children playing_____?

A. a soccer B. the soccer

C. soccer D. for soccer

19. Which word is the odd one out?

A. ceiling B. computer

C. television D. radio

20. I work for a newspaper. ______about you?

- I'm a secretary.

A. Which B. Who

C. Where D. What

21. Can I____you to Bob and Dane? They are from the USA.

A. speak B. introduce

C. talk D. call

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