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Choose the words with the underlined part pronounced differently.
Choose the best answer.
6. When I_____________for an examination, I always try to avoid crossing the path of a woman.
7. I never____________ the floor during the first three days of the New Year.
8. Superstitions still________ an important part of life for many people in Vietnam.
9. _________ is a ceremony or service which is held shortly after a person’s death.
10. People not only _______ the table for meals, but they also ________ food on the altar so their ancestors will join them for meal.
11. You should ____________ attention to what your teacher is saying.
12. Chung Cake (square sticky rice cake), pho (rice noodles), Nem (spring rolls) are the _______food in Vietnam.
13. Table __________ are always paid attention to by the British.
14. Amish’s wedding __________ in the spring.
15. The newly-wedding couple plan to spend their ____________ in India.
16. Some people think that married women ________ pursue a career.
17. We _________ stop when traffic lights are red.
18. Remember to bring your raincoat. It ____________ rain.
19. You ________ pick those flowers. Don’t you see the sign?
20. It’s late. I think we............. better go now.
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