Từ vựng - bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10: Recycling

Từ vựng - bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10

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A. Language Focus:

1. Passive forms

2. Adjectives followed:

- an infinitive
- a noun clause

B. Vocabulary:

1. recycle (v): tái chế

=> recycling (n): sự tái chế

2. reduce (v): giảm, cắt giảm

3. reuse (v): tái sử dụng, sử dụng lại

4. wrap (v): gói, bọc

5. fertilize (v): làm cho màu mỡ, phì nhiêu

=> fertilizer (n): phân bón

6. decompose (v): phân hủy

7. representative (n): đại diện

8. package (v): đóng gói

9. plastic bag (n): túi nhựa, túi ni lông

10. cloth bag (n): túi vải

11. throw – threw – thrown (v): vứt bỏ

12. metal (n): kim loại

13. fabric (n): sợi (vải)

14. compost (n): phân xanh

15. pipe (n): ống dẫn (khí, nước, dầu...)

16. refill (v): làm đầy lại

17. glassware (n): đồ thủy tinh

18. dung (n): phân thú vật

19. melt (v): làm chảy ra

20. deposit (v,n): đặt cọc, tiền đặt cọc

21. soak (v): nhúng, ngâm

22. mix (v): trộn, pha, hòa lẫn

=> mixture (n): sự pha trộn, hỗn hợp

23. press (v): ấn, ép

24. mash (v): đập, nghiền nhừ

25. wire mesh (n): tấm lưới sắt

26. mosquito (n): con muỗi

27. scatter (v): rải


1. instead of

2. to talk to sb

3. throw away

4. to be made of
to be made from
to be made in

5. all over the world

6. be delighted (at)

7. be interested in

8. prevent…from

C. Exercises:

I. Change these sentences into passive voice:

1. People use milk for making butter and cheese.


2. The milkman brings bottles of milk to houses.

Bottles of_____________________________

3. Careless driver causes many accidents.

Many accidents_________________________

4. People speak English all over the world.


5. They don’t use this house very often.

This house_______________________

6. Do they teach French in this school?


7. Somebody will clean the floor tonight.

The floor__________________________

8. You mustn’t open this parcel until Christmas Day.

This parcel______________________________

9. We can use the garbage to make fertilizer.

The garbage___________________________

10. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

The telephone______________________________

II. Write the sentences using the Adj + to-infinitive:

1. we/ difficult/ get/ your letter/ yesterday.


2. it/ not easy/ answer/ these questions.


3. I/ surprised/ see/ Paul/ the party/ last night.


4. it/ interesting/ visit/ Phong Nha Cave.


5. They are lucky. They passed all the exams.


6. It/ lovely/ see/ you/ again.


7. I/ delighted/ receive/ your massage.


8. we/ happy/ receive/ a lot of presents from our grandparents.


III. Rewrite the sentences using the adjective + noun clause:

1. You are interested in protecting environment. He is delighted.

He is______________________________________________

2. They could save some money from reused things. They are very happy.

They are_____________________________________________

3. My class won the first prize in collecting cans. My teachers feel pleased.

My teachers_______________________________________

4. The rivers are becoming heavily polluted. We are worried.

We are________________________________________

5. The Y & Y is having a plan on recycling used paper. I am very glad.

I am___________________________________________

IV. Give the correct form of the words in the brackets:

1. Reduce means not buying products which are ________________. (overpackage)

2. Linda is one of the ________________ from Friends of the Earth. (represent)

3. The country’s ________________ resources include forests, coal and oil. (nature)

4. It’s ________________ to across the avenue. (danger)

5. They are taking part in the ________________ program of the school. (recycle)

6. Compost is a wonderful ________________. It helps plants grow. (fertilize)

7. Share your _______________ (recycle) story with our _______________ (read).

8. Air is a ________________ of gases. (mix)

V. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D:

1. We should use cloth bags ________________ of plastic bags.

A. instead B. besides C. apart D. without

2. In the world, millions of old papers ________________ away every day.

A. thrown B. are throwing C. are thrown D. threw

3. She was very sad ________________ good marks in the final test.

A. not get B. not to get C. to not get D. not getting

4. The prefix “re-” in the word “reuse” means ________________

A. against B. for C. no D. again

5. Farmers collect household and garden waste to make ________________.

A. compost B. floor coverings C. glassware D. pipes

6. My house ________________ every year to welcome the Tet Holiday.

A. paints B. painted C. is painted D. painting

7. Students should be eager ________________ in social activities.

A. participate B. to participate C. to participating D. participated

8. Milk bottles can be ________________ after being cleaned.

A. recycled B. thrown away C. broken D. reused

9. This project ________________ out next month.

A. is carried B. will carry C. will be carried D. carries

10. It’s dangerous ________________ in this river.

A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swam

11. We are looking forward ________________ you in June.

A. seeing B. see C. saw D. be seen

12. Try to ________________ the amount of fat in your diet.

A. reuse B. refill C. reduce D. recycle

13. Glass is broken up, melted and made into ________________.

A. silverware B. hardware C. ironware D. glassware

14. This table is made ________________ wood.

A. in B. on C. of D. from

15. The champagne is made ________________ grapes.

A. in B. on C. of D. from

16. They grow food for their animals and use the ________ for fertilizing their fields.

A. trash B. dung C. fertilizer D. compost

17. The government ought to do something to prevent people ___________ throwing trash into the river.

A. for B. in C. from D. at

18. They are certain ___________ they will pass the exam easily.

A. which B. what C. where D. that

19. Drink cans are brought back to the factory for ___________ .

A. recycling B. buying C. making D. eating

20. This beautiful box ___________ from recycled paper.

A. made B. were made C. making D. to make

21. Books___________ by Daniel Steel are sold everywhere.

A. writing B. write C. written D. wrote

22. …………………………………is the address of the City Museum?

A. Where B. What C. Which D. whom

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