Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh lớp 5 Unit 4 Did you go to the party?

Bài tập tiếng Anh Unit 4 lớp 5: Did you go to the party?

Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh Unit 4 lớp 5 Did you go to the party? có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 5 theo từng Unit mới nhất do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Bài tập tiếng Anh Unit 4 Did you go to the party? có đáp án với nội dung bám sát chương trình SGK tiếng Anh 5 mới Unit 4 giúp các em ôn tập Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp trọng tâm hiệu quả.

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Tiếng Anh lớp 5 Unit 4 Did you go to the party?

Complete each word.

1. PRE_EN_

a. S/ T

b. R/ T

c. S/ G

d. N/ T

2. C_K_

a. A/ I

b. A/ E c. E/ A d. A/ O

3. L_N_H

a. U/ G

b. U/ C c. O/ C

d. O/ G

4. IN_ _ TE

a. V/ O

b. V/ E

c. V/ A

d. V/ I


a. T/ O

b. K/ E

c. K/ O

d. K/ A

Find the redundant letter.

6. Birrthday party

a. I

b. R

c. A

d. T

7. Swweet

a. S

b. E

c. T

d. W

8. Fruit jcuice

a. C

b. F

c. J

d. I

9. Carntoon

a. R

b. N

c. T

d. O

10. Creamn

a. R

b. N

c. M

d. A

Choose the correct answer.

11. ________ did you do at the party? – I ate cream cake.

a. Where b. Who c. What d. How

12. We had a lot of ________ at the school last afternoon.

a. Funny b. Funs c. Funnys d. Fun

13. ___________? – My classmates and some other friends.

a. What did you do at your birthday party?

b. Do you go to the birthday party?

c. Who did you invite to your birthday party?

d. Did you invite My to your birthday party?

14. We ________ hide and seek at home yesterday.

a. Played

b. plays

c. Took

d. Takes

15. Was it Ngoc’s birthday party last night? – ________

a. Yes, It is

b. No, it wasn’t

c. My friends

d. Yes, it wasn’t

16. We ________ these flowers _______ our teachers on our Teacher’s Day.

a. Gave/ on

b. Gaves/ to

c. Gave/ with

d. Gave/ to

17. ___________? – Tug of war.

a. What do you do at the party?

b. Did you play tug of war at the party?

c. What game do you played at the party?

d. What game did you play at the party?

18. They _______ “ Happy Birthday” and danced.

a. Sing

b. Sang

c. Did sing

d. Sangs

19. How did you get to your hometown? – _________

a. I ate nice food and drink

b. I get there with my parents

c. I got there on time

d. I got there by taxi

20. My friends played many games and ______ some sports, too.

a. Did

b. Do

c. Did do

d. Does

21. Did you enjoy the trip? – __________

a. Yes, I did

b. No, I didn’t know

c. No, I wasn’t

d. Yes, I was

22. Do you always go to school in the morning? – _________

a. Yes, I did

b. No, on Thursday I go to school in the afternoon

c. No, I went to school in the afternoon

d. Yes, I’d love to

23. Hoa invited all of the classmates _______ her house.

a. For

b. On

c. To

d. With

24. Where did your family go last week? – _______

a. We visit grandparents

b. We visited at the grandparents

c. We did visit grandparents

d. We visited grandparents

25. __________? – I gave him a comic book.

a. What do you do at his party.

b. What did you do at his party?

c. What present did you give him?

d. What did you give him present?

26. ________ was your parents’ marriage anniversary?

a. Where

b. When

c. How

d. What

27. Last night I ________ the funfair at Tran Phu.

a. Joined

b. Did join

c. Join

d. Joins

28. ______ you and Hoang go to school?

a. What

b. Were

c. Do

d. Did

29. Her mother cleaned the flat, ______ cakes.

a. Made

b. Make

c. Did

d. Do

30. Did Christ come back home yesterday? – _________

a. No, she wasn’t

b. She visited her friend’s house

c. Yes, She didn’t

d. Yes, she did

Recorder the word to make the correct sentence.

31.  party/ you/ did/ enjoy/ the/ ?

a. Did you enjoy the party?

b. Did the party you enjoy?

32. our/ flowers/ and/ we/ to/ teachers/ gave/ cards

a. We gave flowers and cards to teachers.

b. We gave to flowers and cards teachers.

33. Linda/ Loc/ and/ park/ the/ like/ in/ walking

a. Linda and Loc like in walking the park.

b. Linda anh Loc like walking in the park.

34. was/ funny/ Ngoc’s/ very/ party/ at/ it

a. It was very funny at Ngoc’s party.

b. It was at Ngoc’s very funny party.

35. what/ party/ at/ Minh Thu/ do/ the/ did/?

a. What Minh Thu did do the at party?

b. What did Minh Thu do at the party?

36. friends/ chatted/ with/ yesterday/ I/ my

a. I chatted with my friends yesterday.

b. I with my friends yesterday chatted.

37. morning/ on/ ,/ the/ picnic/ in/ went/ a/ we

a. On morning, we went in the picnic.

b. In the morning, we went on a picnic.

38. funfair/ did/ do/ what/ at/ you/ the/ ?

a. What did the you do at funfair?

b. What did you do at the funfair?

39. weekend/ grandparents/ I/ last/ my/ visited/.

a. Last weekend I visited my grandparents.

b. I visited last my grandparents weekend

Choose the correct answer.

40. What did you do there? - I ________ orange juice.

a. have b. enjoy c. drank d. like

41. My sister’s birthday party was lot of fun. Her friends ________ it.

a. Repeated b. enjoyed c. Sang d. Had

42. My family didn’t _________ on a trip to our hometown yesterday because it
rained heavily.

a. Travel b. Go c. Get d. Have

43. Andrew ____________ his homework last Sunday, but today he left it at home.

a. Completed b. Returned c. Enjoyed d. Started

44. Yesterday, school finished at 4.50 p.m. We ................ home at 5.15 p.m.

a. Invited b. Cooked c. Get d. Came back

45. I travelled from Ha Noi to Bac Kinh, China by ________.

a. horse b. Bicycle c. Plane d. Underground


1 - a2 - b3 - b4 - d5 - c6 - b7 - d8 - c9 - b10 - b
11 - c12 - d13 - c14 - a15 - b16 - d17 - d18 - b19 - d20 - a
21 - a22 - b23 - c24 - d25 - c26 - b27 - a28 - d29 - a30 - d
31 - a32 - a33 - b34 - a35 - b36 - a37 - b38 - b39 - a40 - c
41 - b42 - b43 - a44 - d45 - c

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