Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 5 Unit 11: What's the matter with you? (số 6)

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I. Should/ shouldn’t.

1. Your teeth has a pain. You ________ eat many sweets., you _____ brush your teeth after meals.

2. You has a fever. You _______ stay in bed, and you ______ drink cold water.

3. You has a backache, you ________ lift heavy things, and you ______ take a rest.

4. You has a stomach ache, you ______ eat too much, and you _______ drink warm water.

5. Your throat has a pain, you ______ drink cold water, and you ________ drink coffee.

6. You are in high temperature, I think You _______ go to doctor.

7. After you study too much, you ______ take a rest to avoid stress.

8. You has a toothache, you ______ go to the dentist.

9. You has a headache, you _______ watch TV, you _____ take some aspirins.

10. You ________ eat ice-cream.

II. Choose the best answer.

1. What ____ the matter with you?

A. Are. B. Is. C. do. D. does.

2. Mai ______ a stomach ache.

A. Have. B. haves. C. Has D. does.

3. I ______ a toothache.

A. Have. B. has. C. do. D. am.

4. Nam ___ a headache last night.

A. Has. B. Have. C. had. D. does.

5. Quan ___ to the dentist yesterday because he ___ a toothache.

A. Went- has. B. go- have. C. goes- has D. went- had.

6. Today, Lan ____ go to school because she ____ a fever.

A. Can- is. B. can’t – has. C. can’t – is. D. should- has.

7. I think you should ____ a rest. A. take. B. go. C. do. D. does.

8. She shouldn’t _____ heavy things because you has a backache.

A. Take B. lift C. carries. D. do.

9. I _____ speak becacause I has a _____.

A. Cannot- sore throat. B. can- throat. C. should- sore throat. D. A&C.

10. Linda____ feel well.

A. don’t B. doesn’t. C. isn’t. D. Does.

11. Yesterday, I ___ too much, so I had a stomach ache.

A. Ate. B. eat. C. eats. D. eated.

12. I will __him go to the doctor after breakfast.

A. go. B. send. C. Take. D. should

13. Quan’s grandparents ___ a backache.

A. Has. B have. C. Are. D. take.

14. Phong has a ___ because he is in high temperature.

A. Fever. B. sore throat. C. cut. D. runny noes.

15. Mai can’t come __ class today.

A. for B. with. C. at. D. to.

16. Some students __ not ___ school.

A. is- in. B. are- in. C. is- at. D. are-at.

17. Peter ___ go to school yesterday because He had a stomach ache.

A. Doesn’t B. shouldn’t C. didn’t D. couldn’t

18. Mai has a ___ toothache, so she went to the dentist last Sunday.

A. Bad. B. good. C. well. D. very hot

19. You ____ do morning excersise everyday to stay healthy.

A. Can B. will C. can’t D. should.

20. He’s ___ home.

A. in B. on C. at D. with

III. Read and complete.

stomach ache will eggs toothache matter should

1. – What’s the _____ with you?

- I don’t feel well. I have a _________.

- Poor you. You _____ go to the dentist.

- Yes, I ___. Thanks.

2. - Where’s Phong?

- He’s at home

- Why?

- He doesn’t feel well. He has a_________

- I see. Yesterday, he ate a lot of _________.

IV. Read and complete.

cold class toothache headache rest fever pupils

Today is Monday, but many __________ in my class are not in school because of health. Some of them has a pain in head, teeth, throat, back,…v…v.. It’s too _____ today, I think. Phong is my best friend, he had a _____ because he was in high temperature last night. In the morning, his mother will take him to the doctor. Linda is next to me. She aslo takes a _____, because she has a_____. Her mother said last night she ate too mich candies and cakes, so now she is going to the dentist. Last night, I watched Cartoons on TV very late, so I had a _______. However, I aslo come to _____ today because I miss my friends. I think I should do morning exercise everyday and shouldn’t stay up late because it’s not good for my health.

V. Read and answer.

Today, many students have bad health because they must study too much everyday, and don’t have enough time to take a rest. From the morning to evening, thay must study at school, at home. They are very young and they need time to relax. I will give six advices to students can do, and stay health. First, students should get up early and do morning exercise every day, because it can make student feel well. Second, student should eat many healthy foods like: fruits, vegetables, fish, ….. and drink enough water every day. Students shouldn’t drink many sweets water like: coca, pepsi, … and don’t eat fast food because they are not good for health. Students should play sports after school to relax. It’s better than watching TV. And the last thing I want to talk is Students should go to bed early, because it’s necessary to development of their brain.

Part 1. Answer.

1. How many advices are there?

2. Why do the students have bad health?

3. What is the fourth advice?

4. Why should students go to bed early?

5. Is playing sport better watching TV?

Part 2. Complete the box.















Part 3. Answer about you.

1. How often do you play sports?

2. What should you do when you have a toothache?

3. What should you not do when you have a fever?

4. How do you stay your health?

5. Do you like stomach ache? Why/ why not?

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