Bài tập tự luận Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 4: Special Education

Bài tập tự luận Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 4: Special Education

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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 4: Special Education Số 1

I/ Supply the correct form of the word in brackets:

1/ She had the ability to explain things clearly and concisely.

2/ The amazing thing is that it was kept secret for so long.

3/ She told us how easy it was to use the computer, then by way of demonstration simply pressed a few keys on the keyboard.

4/ It gives you a sense of achievement if you actually make it to the end of a very long book.

5/ The treasurer has been taking a more optimistic view of economic recovery in his recent public pronouncements.

6/ A lot of the children at the school do not live in the town, but come in from the surrounding countryside.

7/ It is the judgment of this court that you are guilty of murder.

8/ The athlete's third, and winning, jump was an exhibition of skill and strength.

9/ The article was about the international aid organizations.

10/ The government repeatedly stressed its support for parental choice in the selection of a child's school.

II/ Complete the sentences with "used to+V" or "didn't use to+V":

1/ Tom _______ a famous singer but he doesn't sing now.

2/ They eat rice now but they _______ potatoes when they were in the village.

3/ Now most of us have a motorbike to get to work. We _______ a bike to school when we were pupils.

4/ Now there are several restaurants in this town but there _______ only one a few years ago.

5/ When my brother was a little boy she _______ play in rains but he doesn't now.

6/ The little girl doesn't cry now but she _______ a lot after she was born.

7/ He likes jogging now but he _______ doing it.

8/ My neighbors play with me now but they _______ with mw and my sisters.

9/ My uncle _______ but now he has given up smoking.

10/ She lives with her parents now but she _______ alone.

III/ Combine the sentences to make one sentence. Make any necessary changes:

1/ The bus goes up Hung Vuong street. It doesn't stop at the hospital.

→ ________________________________________________________.

2/ My younger brother is lazy. This annoys his teachers.

→ ________________________________________________________.

3/ The fashion show went on for three hours. It was carefully prepared.

→ ________________________________________________________.

4/ The plant had died. We cut it down last week.

→ ________________________________________________________.

5/ Phong usually comes to class late. This makes his form teacher angry.

→ ________________________________________________________.

6/ My friend decided to choose the red motorcycle. He had wanted a red motorcycle before.

→ ________________________________________________________.

7/ Next Saturday my brother will have to visit the doctor again. He hates visiting a doctor.

→ ________________________________________________________.

8/ Oanh works very hard and always gets good marks. This pleases her parents a lot.

→ ________________________________________________________.

9/ They are talking about Nam. Nam is very interested in math.

→ ________________________________________________________.

10/ Mr. Quang has a lot of money. This puts him in trouble with his friends.

→ ________________________________________________________.

VI/ Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one:

1/ We haven't seen her since 1999.

→ We last __________________________________________________.

2/ How long have you learning English?

→ When ___________________________________________________?

3/ My mother doesn't have anyone make clothes for her.

→ My mother makes __________________________________________.

4/ They went to Paris for the first time.

→ It was ____________________________________________________.

5/ Our friends recognized that man immediately.

→ Immediately our friends knew _________________________________.

6/ That policeman arrived too late, so the robber escaped.

→ By the time that policeman arrived, _____________________________.

7/ Do you know New York at all?

→ Have you ever _____________________________________________?

8/ When did you buy your laptop?

→ How long _________________________________________________?

9/ Her visit interrupted my family's dinner.

→ My family was _____________________________________________.

10/ We last saw your sister in May.

→ We haven't ________________________________________________.

V/ Arrange the words to make complete sentences:

1/ disable the the building and then alarm system enter.

2/ someone who I knew up in was mixed corruption scandal that.

3/ accused broadcasters The General Synod down religious of dumbing programs.

4/ the flat terrible condition they left in a - there mess everywhere was.

5/ for children it's a good important to get education.

6/ are in the unions opposition to over the the government of privatization issue.

7/ that all he believes children with are born equal intelligence.

8/ is on the meeting the fifth hoping everyone will attend and we're.

9/ been a there has gradual improvement sales figures in our last two over the years.

10/ starts when the novel of unknown a child parentage is the house left at local priest of the.

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