Luyện nghe Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 11 Changing Roles in Society

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Luyện nghe Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 11 Changing Roles in Society

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Listen to some research findings about how men and women are responisble for housework nowadays. Decide if the following statement are true (T) or false (F).

Bài nghe

T/ F

1. Modern women are working more hours and doing more housework than men

2. Men spent one third as long on housework as women

3. Only 5 men in the research said that they didn’t do anything at home

4. Most men understand that they should share housework with women but most of them fail to do so

5. Women still have equal opportunities at work without more housework support from men

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1. T

2. T

3. F

4. T

5. F

Nội dung bài nghe

Women still have to do the lion’s share of housework despite going ou to work in ever increasing nubmbers. Researchers found that they spent three times as long on domestic chores as their husbands or partners. Some female breadwinners, however, have to shoulder the burden of all housework as almost one in five men admitted to doing nothing at all around the home.

The advantage for women was 17 hours a week, compared to just under six hours for men. But more than a quarter of wives and girlfriends spend more than 21 hours a week on domestic chores. Three times exclude childcare, which is also traditionally far more likely to fall on women.

The findings come despite the best intentions of most men, who agreed that they should share the burden by doing more housework.

Researchers said the survey results meant women would not achieve equal opportunities at work until their menfolk contributed more to looking after the home

In the survey, 1,800 men and women were assked about everyday chores, such as the laudry, cleaning, cooking, food shopping, looking after sick relatives and carrying out repairs. But men only made a significant contribution by mending fauty items around the house.

At least two-thirds of women said it was usually them who carried out the other tasks, rising to 85 per cent for doing the laundry.

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