Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 2: Personal Experiences số 2

Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 2: Personal Experiences

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 2 số 2 có đáp án do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây gồm bài tập tự luận và bài tập trắc nghiệm tổng hợp kiến thức môn Tiếng Anh được học trong chương trình sách giáo khoa tiếng Anh lớp 11. Các bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 này sẽ giúp các bạn ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức Tiếng Anh hiệu quả. Mời các bạn tham khảo.


Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently to the others.

1. a. grade b. great c. sneaky d. embrace
2. a. money b. notice c. glance d. ankle
3. a. imagine b. glance c. Geography d. religion
4. a. looked b. noticed c. turned d. helped
5. a. change b. English c. single d. anger


A. Choose the one word or phrase -a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentences, or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

6. She glanced briefly ________ his lapel badge.

a. in

b. on

c. at

d. up

7. ________ my experience, very few people really understand the problem.

a. To

b. In

c. With

d. From

8. People here have a more relaxed attitude ________ their work.

a. to

b. in

c. on

d. for

9. The novel is based on his ________ in the war.

a. attitudes

b. images

c. situations

d. experiences

10. I don't like that man. There is a sneaky look on his face.

a. furious

b. humorous

c. dishonest

d. guilty

11. She made a big ________ about not having a window seat on the plane.

a. complaint

b. fuss

c. excitement

d. interest

12. He has a very outgoing ________ and makes friends very easily.

a. person

b. personal

c. personality

d. personage

13. He ________ to the spot where the house used to stand.

a. pointed

b. showed

c. directed

d. glanced

14. Teenagers often have their ________ who they admire very much.

a. ideals

b. admirers

c. images.

d. idols

15. I had a glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet.

a. close look

b. quick look

c. direct look

d. furtive look

B. Choose the word or phrase -a, b, c, or d - that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

16. Before he turned 14, Mozart ________ a few lesser piece for the piano.

a. has composed

b. had composed

c. was composed

d. would composed

17. He was busy________ his homework.

a. to do

b. doing

c. for doing

d. that he was doing

18. Rarely________ succeed in ballet if they start after the age of 12

a. do children

b. children have

c. children

d. are children

19. Have something to eat before you________.

a. leave

b. left

c. will leave

d. had left

20. ________ this holiday for ages.

a. We're looking forward to

b. We looked forward to

c. We look forward to

d. We've looked forward to

21. ________ hard all year, so I felt that I deserved a holiday.

a. I work

b. I worked

c. I'd been working

d. I've worked

22. The traffic lights ________ green and I pulled away.

a. turned

b. were turning

c. has turned

d. had turned

23. How fast________ when the accident happened?

a. are you driving

b. were you driving

c. did you drive

d. had you driven

24. Where________? Which hairdresser did you go to?

a. did you cut your hair

b. have you cut your hair

c. did you have cut your hair

d. did you have your hair cut

25. Fortunately, the hospital's new air-conditioning system________ when the first heat wave of the summer arrived.

a. had installed

b. installed

c. had been installed

d. had been installing

C. Choose the underlined word or phrase- A, 8, C, or D-that needs correcting.

1. The governor (A) has not decided how (B) to deal with (C) the new problem already (D).

2. Hardly he had (A) entered the office when he realized (B) that he had (C) forgotten (D) his office key.

3. There are (A) few areas of human (B) experience that have not been (C) writing (D) about.

4. I think (A) you will enjoy (B) the experience by taking (C) part in the show (D).

5. I find that (A) necessary to do (B) something about (C) traffic problems in our city (D).


A. Fill in each blank with one appropriate word from the box.

eventually; reached; totally; sketch; for; ahead; heard; much

clearly; straight; attacking; pleased ;off; fast; there

I used to go into the country to (31) _______ animals and plants, carrying my drawing materials in a bag. One day I was walking across a field, looking (32)______ rabbits to draw. Lost in thought, I had not noticed a bull running towards me. About one hundred meters (33) ______ was a tree under which I intended to sit and draw. Suddenly, I (34) __________ a noise behind me. I turned and saw the bull. I knew that a bull cannot see (35) ________ and notices only shape and movement. I did not panic but ran towards the tree, keeping the tree, myself and the bull in a (36) ______ line. To distract the bull, I then threw my bag to the right, so it was out of the line of the tree. The bull saw this sudden movement and headed towards the bag. I (37) _______ the tree and climbed up it. From there I watched the bull (38)_______ my bag with its horns and feet. It continued to do this for fifteen minutes I was very (39)______ to be, up the tree. (40) eventually the bull was satisfied and move off. I waited until it was a very long way (41)______ and then got down from the tree and picked up my bag. I left the field as (42)_______ as I could and then looked inside my bag. Everything in it was (43)______ ruined.

B. Read the passage, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F)

I knew it was going to be a bad day when, on the way to the airport, the taxi driver told me he was lost.

I had booked my flight over the telephone, so when we finally arrived, I had to rush to the reservation desk to pay for my ticket. The woman at the desk told me that my name was not on the passenger list. It took fifteen minutes to realize that she had spelled my name incorrectly. She gave me the ticket and told me I'd better check in my luggage quickly or I'd miss my night. I was the last person to get on the plane.

I found my seat and discovered that I was sitting next to a four-year old boy who had a cold. I sat down and wondered if anything else could go wrong. I hate flying, especially take-off, but the plane took off and everything seemed to be all right. Then, a few minutes later, there was a funny noise and everything started to shake. I looked out of the window and – oh my God - there was smoke coming out of the wing. All I could think was "The engine are on fire. We are going to crash. I am too young to die,"

Almost immediately, the captain spoke to us in a very calm voice "Ladies and gentlement. This is your captain speaking. We are having a slight technical problem with one of our engines. There is no need to panic. We will have to return to the airport. Please remain seated and keep your seat belts fastened."

A few minutes later, we were coming on to land. The pilot made a perfect landing on the runway. It was over. We were safe. That day I decided not to fly again. I caught another taxi and went home. But as I closed the front door. I looked down at my case. Somehow I had picked up the wrong suitcase.

44. There was nothing wrong with her on the way to the airport.

45. She was in a great hurry at the airport.

46. It took her about fifteen minutes to get her ticket.

47. She was delighted with the boy sitting nearby.

48. The plane had to come back to the airport because its engine was on fire.

49. The suitcase she brought home wasn't hers.

50. After that day, she decided that she would never fly again.


Choose the sentence -a, b, c or d - which is closest in meaning to the sentence above.

51. I couldn’t help laughing when he told me that story.

a. I couldn't resist laughing when he told me that story.

b. I couldn't help him tell that story.

c. I did not laugh when hearing that story.

d. The story he told me not help at all.

52. We think he was in London last year.

a. He was thought to be in London last year.

b. He was thought to have been in London last year.

c. He is thought to be in London last year.

d. He is thought to have been in London last year.

53. David seems really ill at case in front of all those people.

a. David feels uncomfortable in front of all those people.

b. David is easy to be ill because of all those people.

c. David is ill because he stands in front of all those people.

d. David fells comfortable in front of all those people.

54. She has cooked for dinner for two hours.

a. She didn't start cooking for dinner until it was two.

b. She started cooking for dinner two hours ago.

c. She has two hours to cook for dinner.

d. Cooking for dinner took her two hours.

55. I travel by bus as a last resort.

a. I always travel by bus.

b. Traveling by bus is my favorite.

c. I resort to bus when I am the last to come.

d. I only travel by bus when there're no other alternatives.

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