Ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 9 Cities Of The Future

Ôn tập Tiếng Anh Future lớp 11 Unit 9 Cities Of The Future

Đề luyện tập Tiếng Anh 11 chương trình mới Unit 9 dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 theo từng Unit năm học 2022 - 203 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh gồm nhiều dạng bài tập Tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp học sinh lớp 11 củng cố kiến thức đã học hiệu quả.

I. Phonetic:

Exercise 1.Choose the word whose underline part is pronounced differently from the rest:

1. A. sustainable B. focus C. discuss D. solar

2. A. energy B. generate C. technology D. assignment

3. A. liveable B.inhabitant C. environment D. information

4. A. detect B. sensor C. dweller D. budget

Exercise 2.Choose the word which has difference stress pattern:

1. A. promote B. insoluble C. disease D. earthquake

2. A. economic B. pollution C. infrastructure D. overcrowded

3. A. urban B. energy C. cinema D. familiar

4. A. renewable B. presentation C. unbelievable D. pessimistic

5. A. optimistic B. available C. electricity D. intonation

II. Vocabulary and expressions.

Exercise 1. Fill each gap with a suitable word in the list

pessimistic - sustainable - inhabitant - lighting

infrastructure - optimists - alternative - impact

1. __________ is a person that lives in a particular place.

2. People are trying to make use of some __________ sources of energy like the wind and sun.

3. There will be no __________ of fresh water because wastewater will be treated and turned into drinking water.

4. He is so ___________ to think that he cannot do it himself.

5. The ___________ of that city is so old that it needs upgrading.

6. ___________ think that city dwellers will have a better life in the future.

7. People may get health problems if they frequently breathe _________ air.

8. Our cities in the future are likely to become a _________ place to live thanks to our innovation.

9. Solar energy can be used for transport, __________, cooking, heating water and helping plants grow.

10. If we use renewable energy, their __________ on the environment is less.

Exercise 2.Choose one word in A, B, C, or D to complete the following sentences:

1. Many teenagers show signs of anxiety and _______ when being asked about their future.

a. depress b. depression c. depressing d. depressed

2. Constant _______ of attack makes everyday life dangerous here.

a. threat b. threaten c. threatening d. threateningly

3. No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.

a. expected b. unexpected c. expectedly d. unexpectedly

4. Someone who is _______ is hopeful about the future or the success of something in particular.

a. powerful b. optimistic c. stagnant d. pessimistic

5. There will be powerful network of computers which may come from a single computing _______ that is worn on or in the body.

a. device b. machinery c. equipment d. vehicle

6. In the future many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.

a. companies b. services c. supermarkets d. farms

7. The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.

a. speed b. expectation c. improvement d. treatment

8. Let's put off that meeting to next Monday.

a. a. postpone schedule c. arrange d. appoint

9. A nuclear station may take risk going offdue to unexpected incidents.

a. demolishing b. exploding c. developing d. running

10. She is looking _______ a new place to live because she does not want to depend _______ her parents any more.

a. for / on b. after / with c. up / forward d. at / into

11. I was brought _______ in the countryside by my aunt after my parents had pass _______.

a. on / over b. for / on c. on / off d. up / away

12. She intended to quit her job to stay _______ home and look _______ her sick mother.

a. in / at b. at / after c. for / over d. up / on

13. He is very worried _______ his new job because he is not quite prepared _______ working.

a. on / over b. to / off c. about / for d. in / at

14. Instead _____ petrol, cars will only run ____ solar energy and electricity.

a. of / on b. for / by c. in / over d. from/ upon

15. She has a promising future ahead _______ her.

a. for b. from c. on d. of

III. Grammar:

Exercise 1. Add tag questions to the following.

1/ They want to come,………………….?

2/ Elizabeth is a dentist, ……………….. ?

3/ They won’t be here, …………………?

4/ That is your umbrella, ………………….?

5/ There aren’t many people here yet, …………….. ?

6/ He has a bicycle,……………………?

7/ Peter would like to come with us to the party, ……………………..?

8/ Those aren’t Fred’s books, ………?

9/ You have never been to Paris,…………?

10/ Something is wrong with Jane today, ………… ?

11/ Everyone can learn how to swim, ……………… ?

12/ Nobody cheated in the exam, ………………….. ?

13/ Nothing went wrong while I was gone, ………… ?

14/ I am invited, ………………….?

15/ This bridge is not very safe,……………..?

16/ These sausages are delicious, …………….?

17/ You haven’t lived here long, …………?

18/ The weather forecast wasn’t very good, ……………. ?

19/ Hed better come to see me, .............. ?

20/ You need to stay longer, ................................?

Xem đáp án

1. don't they, 2. isn't she, 3. will they, 4. isn't it, 5. are there, 6. doesn't he

7. wouldn't he, 8. are they, 9. have you, 10. isn't it, 11. can't they, 12. did they

13. did it, 14. aren't I, 15. is it, 16. aren't they, 17. have you, 18. was it, 19. hadn't he, 20. don't you

Exercise 2.Choose a question tag to complete each sentence:

1. He couldn’t swim, ______?

A. could him B. could he C. couldn’t he D. couldn’t him

2. Nobody cheated in the exam, ______?

A. did they B. didn’t they C. did he D. didn’t he

3. You have seen this film, ______?

A. haven’t you B. have you C. do you D. don’t you

4. His name is Messi, ______?

A. isn’t he B. is he C. is it D. isn’t it

5. Let’s have a drink, ______?

A. don’t we B. do we C. shall we D. shan’t we

6. He can speak three languages, ______?

A. can he B. can’t he C. isn’t he D. is he

7. I think she is a good teacher, ______?

A. don’t I B. do I C. is she D. isn’t she

8. You went on a picnic last week, ______?

A. didn’t you B. didn’t I C. did you D. does he

9. Teresa is an accountant,___?

A. aren't she B. doesn't she C. isn't she D. she isn't

10. I am a good worker,___?

A. I am B. do I C. amn't I D. aren't I

11. Pierre is a grandfather,___?

A. he isn't B. isn't he C. he is D. doesn't he

12. Kate is a doctor, ___?

A. she is B. is she C. doesn't she D. isn't she

13. Jacques and Alicia are students, ___?

A. aren't they B. are they C. isn't he D. isn't they

14. Mario is at work right now, ___?

A. aren't they B. isn't he C. is he D. isn't she

15. You and I are busy right now, ___?

A. aren't I B. aren't we C. we aren't D. aren't you

16. It's windy today, ___?

A. am I B. aren't they C. isn't it D. isn't he

17. You wanted that, ______?

A. would you B. didn't you C. wouldn't you D. do you

18. He saw that, ______?

A. is he B. won't he C. didn't he D. doesn't he

19. You know that's right, ______?

A. would you B. wouldn't you C. don't you D. didn't you

20. He will be coming, ______?

A. is he B. did he C. doesn't he D. won't he

Exercise 3. Rewrite the following sentences using conditional sentences type 0 or 1:

1. You have to study hard, or you will fail the next exam.

If _______________________________________________________________

2. Please come before 8 a.m., otherwise, you can’t meet her.

If _______________________________________________________________

3. Tell her the truth when you see her tomorrow.

If _______________________________________________________________

4. You press this button to stop the machine.


5. I hope it is sunny tomorrow because I can go to the beach then


6. Make me some coffee and I will give you one of my biscuits.


7. In the snowy weather, we don’t go to school.


8. I only come if they invite me.

Unless __________________________________________________________

9.Work hard or you can’t pass the exam

If _______________________________________________________________

10. Practice speaking every day or you can’t improve your English

If _______________________________________________________________

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